Terra Therma Offers A Wide Range Of Individual Needs And Requirements

Terra Therma Offers A Wide Range Of Individual Needs And Requirements

Terra Therma is specialized in the design, supply, efficient heating system and energy-efficient hot water systems with under floor kind of heating (UFH) and renewable technologies.It has to provide the knowledge and experience professional design services for the completion and also look for the system to ensure continued without a level of comfort perfectly to cost a fortune.

Terra Therma Offers:

  • Expert and specialist professional advice about the possibility of UFH to their particular needs and requirements, practical and innovative solutions for all types of construction ground a variety of heat sources (boiler, heat pump or biomass) using

  • Professional design services at all stages of the project, according to EN 1264 and MCS with all insurance liability and professional products. Detailed AutoCAD drawings on HNF designs, details in section, controls and requirements and cabling systems

  • Use meet reputable and quality components from reputable manufacturers, the European standards and current British

  • Exceptional support of our designers with knowledge. Experienced engineers in web projects to discuss your requirements conduct field trials and manage your project.

  • Skilled installation teams in UFH, all current maps of skills relevant health and safety and

  • Comprehensive monitoring service – Operation and maintenance (O & M) manuals, photo documentation of agreements installation and maintenance.

  • Terra Therma geothermal heating and sanitary GmbH, based in Nelson BC, provides important mechanical systems by hand from conception to commissioning and maintenance, with a total capacity from designing to installation, and maintenance of geothermal heating systems and geothermal heating in British Columbia. It also offers complete plumbing and equipment for gas transmission services, including service and the sale of water wells and filtration.

  • Terra Therma BC four plumbers and fitters on staff who all passionate about the field of alternative energy. Terratherma many geothermal systems installed in connection with radiation In Floor and sometimes forced into the ambient air and Nelson BC.

  • The Terratherma employees have completed workshops BC solar thermal energy and the Academy of the manufacturer of geothermal and solar fields leads, holds a certificate for HRAI Skills Academy technology in heat loss and heat gain calculations and we are members of the Canadian Geo-coalition. It is registered dealer Granados pump, the installation in British Columbia certified pump, a member of the Association of Groundwater in Canada and energy distributor and GeoComfort GeoSmart.

Briefly, built in the period of more than ten years of existence, because of the quality of their products, services, and value Terratherma a reputable image with multiple contractors, customers and organizations in Kootenay -West and around. With under floor heating, it is possible to control the climate of your environment. HNF is an effective way to heat at low temperatures, such as building large areas, a pleasant and warm atmosphere heated.UFH systems can eliminate the need for radiators, which offers additional space, a larger area of the wall and improve the device, premium finish for interiors. It can create a system of systems under floor design work with the high temperature of fossil fuels (gas or oil) or renewable systems at low-temperature air source or a groundwater source.