NBA Season Summary: San Antonio

One of the most loved teams in the brackets that are being filled out, the San Antonio Spurs are holding the 2nd spot in the Western Conference, making them one of the best teams to choose for the brackets that you fill out and put your bets on. In addition to this, the Spurs are also 63 and 12, making them one of the best teams to side with when the time comes to put your bets down and make the cash that you want. You never have to worry about anything else after this, since you know your bracket is going to make it to the top once again.

Going with the Right Predictions

Beating the Pelicans by 8 points, at 100 to 92, you’re able to get the most when it comes to finding out if the Spurs are someone that you can trust to stay in their spot and hopefully make it further than they have recently. Though they have made it to the top, the NBA predictions that you find from other people might not have them at the top which might make you want to change your mind on who to go with. Don’t let this be you, make sure to put them on there if you feel they have a shot, and by their numbers, they really should.

Choosing to work with us on the picks that you make is something that can put you in a better position overall. Not only are our expert predictions some of the best, but you can also get free NBA betting tips that will give you a heads up on who you want to choose. Go with a team that is going to make you proud and win you cash in the end. The Spurs might be the best prediction you can make.