The Beautiful City of Split

The city of Split is indeed ‘split’ between the most fashionable tastes and a strong influence of history. Such beautiful is this amalgamation that you can experience the best of contemporary and classical times in this city. The split is the second largest city in Croatia and is located on the east coast of the Adriatic Sea. In the recent times, this city has become a thriving tourist destination with tourists flocking to his place to experience a confluence of cultures, the Mediterranean culinary delights, and the awesome weather, especially in summers. The city has its own airport which is only a 15-20 minutes Split taxi drive away from the city center.

What could be more breathtaking than the sandy beaches on one side and the alluring mountains on the other? The high point of this city’s tourism is the Diocletian’s Palace, built by a Roman Emperor in 295 AD, which is centric to the city. The huge fortress is a mini town in itself with huge white walls and big stone paved paths for pedestrians. It has an array of shops, boutiques, hotels, eating joints, and even cute looking houses. Churches, cathedrals, a belfry, musical courtyards and the world best olive oil store-houses, are all lined up in the palace area which is home to about 3000 people and 200 buildings. It is indeed justified as a World Heritage UNESCO site.

Taking a walk down the Obala Hrvatskog Narodnog Preporoda, also known as the Riva waterfront promenade, is the perfect spot to sit, sight sees the faraway boats and ferries in the deep blue sea, and experience the influence of Roman, French, Venetian, Austrian, Yugoslav and Italian cultures. Other places to visit here are the Town Museum, Cathedral of St. Domnius, Galerija Mestrovic a museum, and the majestic Temple of Jupiter.

The beaches of the city are definitely not –to-miss. They are mostly around the Podstrana village which is ideal for family visits. The rocky beaches are at the foothills of Marjana hill which are easily accessible by bus services. The sea is clean, warm and comfortable to swim in. May to October is the best visiting time in this area.

The area between the Bacvice beach and the Firule beach is supposed to have the most happening party spots and accommodations are available in the form of apartments and rooms. The Le Meridian Lav beach, is a 5-star property in Split and has one of the best beaches in all of the Croatia. The Resnik beach, at the Resnik property of hotels, is just 1 km away from the airport. Do take a dip in the waters of the Office beach where the best crowd is known to visit.

Do get a taste of the exotic Mediterranean delights, at the seaside cafes and restaurants. The seafood drizzled in authentic olive oil and the fine Croatian white wine; all make a fantastic combination. Spend the evenings on the steps of the courtyard to get a magical feel of the city’s music and wine treats. If you are a party person, the Bacvice beach party or the ferry ride to the Island of Hvar is your perfect destination.

The choices are unlimited in this city, and if sun, sand, food are your way of life visit this city where all are welcome with open arms.