The Best Sustainable Shops In London

London is one of the best cities in the world for shopping. It is full of high-street fashion shops as well as luxury fashion brands. Not to mention the fantastic jewellery stores all around the capital. However, it isn’t just luxury fashion shops that London is rich with. It also has many sustainable shops in London which promotes living a greener lifestyle, whether you want to make your wardrobe more sustainable or your home. 


There are many industries around the world trying to be greener. However, consumers also need to be eco-conscious with their lifestyles. That leads to people shopping at more sustainable stores such as vintage shops and food stores promoting zero plastic waste. Let’s look at the many shops in London where you can buy green items for your home. 

Zero-Waste Food Shops

BYO in Tooting Market

There are many food waste stores in London but the first we would like to mention is BYO in Tooting Market. Zero-food waste stores are becoming increasingly popular, especially in the capital. 


Plastic is a material that outlives us all, and that is why we need to do our best to reduce plastic waste on the planet. This is something BYO understands, which is why they encourage customers to bring their own containers to its sustainable shop in London. That is so you can put your essential foods in containers to take them home. 


BYO doesn’t just specialise in whole foods. It also has plenty of toiletries and detergents which you can buy in their store. This store is fantastic as you can buy most of your household products from here. 

Unpackaged in Brixton

Unpacked in Brixton is another wholesale sustainable shop in London, similar to BYO which we have previously mentioned. It encourages reusing your containers so you do not have to buy food in plastic containers. It also encourages you to bring plastic bags into your home. It is time to be a better person and bring in your own containers for these fantastic wholefood stores.

Whole Foods Market  

Whole Foods Market is the more common zero waste shop in London as there are multiple. For those in and around London, this is the preferred store as they offer a delivery service and more products to offer. This eco-friendly includes general lifestyle products as well as beauty and organic food products. It is one of the best sustainable shops in London so it is definitely a must-visit. 

Sustainable Food Markets

If you are heading into London for the day and wish to visit a sustainable food market then you can. There are plenty of food markets scattered around London however, there are only a select few which are sustainable. Not to mention that you can enjoy meals that are packed with flavour.

Mercato Metropolitano 

Mercato Metropolitano is a fantastic sustainable food market and five different food markets around London. Plus, it is one of the most cultured food markets in London, giving you authentic flavours from all over the world. All you need to do is visit their website to see how they follow the eco-friendly rules and regulations. 

Camden market On Buck Street

Camden Market is another great food market located on Buck Street. Not to mention it is a great place for vegan food, food juices and dirty-loaded fries. Camden is somewhere everybody enjoys because of their amazing food markets. 


It isn’t just food at Camden Market, they also have many vintage stores for clothes and jewellery. They also have pet stalls so you can treat your furry friend back home. It has plenty of eco-friendly shops at the market so be sure to visit Camden’s Market when you are in the area. 

Sustainable Fashion Shops In London

If you don’t want food or household products and want something to wear instead, there are plenty of sustainable fashion shops in London. Again, you are spoilt for choice with this as there are plenty of fashion shops in the capital of the UK. Don’t worry, these sustainable stores are not too expensive either.

AIDA – Shoreditch

The first shop on the list is AIDA which is located in Shoreditch. We would say this ethical shop in London is well-priced for the garments they offer. Furthermore, it offers organic clothing in London for both males and females. 


AIDA has ensured it doesn’t follow the demand from the market and decided to take its own path ethically. That is why many people are shopping with AIDA because they can guarantee that the materials are ethically sourced and ensure they are helping the planet become greener. 


Rokit is another fantastic sustainable fashion store in London however, this sells vintage clothing (second-hand clothing). A common misconception with vintage clothing is that the quality will be poor or damaged. That is something you don’t need to worry about here, as they source all of their clothes from Transcontinental Textile Recycling. Additionally, Rokit will repurpose clothing that is not considered wearable with its in-house team. 

Rokit is located in Covent Garden so if you wish to wear fashionable clothing and in the area, Rokit is worth a visit. 

Strathberry –  Mayfair

Strathberry is next on the list and it cannot be missed in this article. It is one of the best ethical fashion shops in London that specialises in women’s fashion. Strathberry recognises the issues the planet is facing and how fashion is contributing to it, that is why they use ethical and sustainable materials and methods to design fashionable handbags.


Another good thing about Strathberry is that it used leather which is certified by the leather working group. The leather working group is an auditing body that is responsible for the leather distributed to companies and consumers. If you wish to own a leather handbag that ensures quality and is ethical, Strathberry is a great fashion store to consider. 

69b Boutique – Hackney

69b Boutique is the final sustainable store in London on this list. However, that doesn’t mean this is the only one left in London. Nevertheless, this is one of the best fashion stores in London for both men and females. Again, you are paying the average price for these garments which is a little more expensive compared to fast fashion brands. Nevertheless, these are high-quality garments which use ethical materials such as organic cotton. Some of the clothes use recycled materials from other clothes, ensuring that materials are not going to waste. 


Credited by Global Organic Textile Standard and Fairwear, 69b Boutique is recognised by the Global Organic Textile Standard because they help reduce harmful chemicals, dyes and products in the fashion industry. 


As you can see, there are many sustainable shops in and around London. Not to mention the numerous sustainable fashion shops. Sustainable fashion is something the world is pushing in today’s society which is why they are more common in city centres. Additionally, there are plenty of sustainable shops in London that sell whole food that promote zero plastic waste.


Many people worry about travelling around but they don’t need to. There is plenty of parking in Central London so leave your car somewhere safe and get the train around the capital to these fantastic stores.