The Five Craziest Crashes Caught On Camera

These pictures are simply inexplicable.

I don’t mean that as hyperbole, I mean that according to all the laws of physics as we know them these photos should not be.

For every person content to simply give your car a bit of a nudge at the traffic lights, or scrape the paintwork in a narrow street, there is some over-achieving dangerous driver out there who will not rest until he has lodged his SUV at the top of a national monument.

I give you the craziest crashes caught on camera.

1. Transformer Fail

It looks like there is a serious case of robots in dis guy’s lorry…

Viral Image via. Buzzfeed.

If you picked up on the robots in disguise pun in that sentence, you’re probably hearing this sound effect in your head already.

In this case, followed by a clanging noise and a lot of robot swearing.

This lorry looks so much like a transformer that got stuck mid-transform, and honestly, that’s the most rational explanation I can think of for this picture.

2. Adorable Car Thinks It’s A Bird

Viral Image via. Buzzfeed.

Soon to be a Pixar crossover smash hit between their famous short Birds On A Wire and kiddie favourite Cars, this film will tell the heartbreaking story of a bird that never quite fit in with all the others due to its huge metal frame and tendency to roar loudly.

Until one day it learned to love itself for who it really was, and blah blah blah insert feel-good moral here and buy yourself a Happy Meal.

3. Serious Van-dalism

Viral Image via. Buzzfeed.

“What’s that? It’s temporary van insurance you want? Well, sure, that sounds reasonable. After all, you’ve got such a good clean record, the only way that this could go wrong is if the van suddenly gained sentience, leapt ten feet in the air and impaled itself on a convenient lorry, ha ha ha…”

Ten minutes pass.

“Wait, it did what?

4. Clever Parking Solution

Viral Image via. Buzzfeed.

Two possible ways this happened.

1. The driver parked on top of another car noticed that there were no spaces available, thought “screw that”, and simply drove really fast at the red car on the left, performing a handbrake turn at the last minute in order to thoughtfully leave space for another pioneering parker.

2. The driver drove incredibly fast and straight on into the red car by mistake. On seeing the carnage, the driver of the blue car on the right thought “sweet, free space right there” and calmly parked in the middle of a serious accident.

Either way is pretty awesome.

5. Well, That Escalated Quickly

Viral Image via. Buzzfeed.

That meme was inevitably going to end up associated with this image.

Those are the top five viral images of crazy car crashes, so improbable that they seem impossible.

Have you seen any bizarre pictures of cars in unexpected places? Let me know in the comments!

James Duval writes about cars and car insurance for InsureDaily, an insurance company offering specialist temporary vehicle cover. In his free time he games, blogs for himself and obsesses over Batman.