The Importance Of Childhood Friendships

Humans are social creatures and even infants have been found to respond to voices and faces of other people.  Children naturally play with other kids their age without having to be taught.  Kids that attend daycare easily make friends with the other children without help of their parents.  Friendships begin at an early age and develop through the entire life of each person.

The Purpose of Friends

Friendships help people, especially those at a young age, develop socially and emotionally.  People learn different ways to interact with each other  Kids can develop morals from friendships by learning how to share, discovering the difference between right and wrong, and understand when their feelings are hurt or when they hurt someone else.  Kids get a first glimpse at fear, sadness, rejection, appreciation, social standing, winning, and loosing within childhood friendships.  Most importantly friends provide companionship and kindness.

The Need for Friends

Friendships are necessary for proper psychological development.  Through childhood friendships, adults have a greater sense of self-esteem and self-worth.  Adults who had childhood friendships have few social problems and are less likely to feel lonely. 

Maintaining Friendships

Studies have shown that most people who had childhood friendships are more likely to have friends later in life.  People develop friendships throughout their lives and their purpose of friendships change as they age.  Preschoolers will help each other color a picture.  Kids will help each other with homework.  Adolescents will discuss their problems and get advice.  Friendships grown and change with each person.

Groups and Cliques

Groups of friends are also something that develops naturally and easily.  Fitting into a team, a political party, or a quilting group are common groups that give people a sense of belonging.  Kids develop groups on the playground and these groups continue as their interests change or develop.  Kids have even started forming groups online by joining a social networking for kids or playing online games.  Some groups may not be healthy such as cliques where kids are held to a certain standard with the possibility of feeling left out, rejected, victimized, teased, or even bullied. 

Friends Forever

Friends provide memories that will last a lifetime.  Not only do friendships help individuals develop social skills, they also provide people with happiness for many years to come.  Childhood friends and school yard groups may seem childish at the time, but those are the years that people will remember and take with them into their adulthood.

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