The Importance Of Piping Supports On A Commercial Building

A commercial building has a massive amount of piping the travels the length of the rooftop. These pipes hold gas, water, electric, and many other substances throughout the building. All the substances that these pipes carry throughout the building are pertinent for the building to function correctly.

Rooftop Pipes
Something that may not be known is that the pipes do not rest on the rooftop. In fact they cannot touch the roof or they could cause severe damage. It would only take about a day to harm the roof. Pipes need to be supported off the roof for the building to maintain a long lifespan.
Protecting the Roof
During a twenty-four hour period the temperatures can fluctuate to about fifty degrees. Changes in temperatures can cause the piping to change shape. During the cooler part of the day the pipe will contract and then when it warms up the piping will begin to expand. Pipes can move over and inch in as little as twelve hours. Day after day of constant expanding and contracting will end in wearing of the roof and possible holes.
Piping Supports
It is inevitable that rooftop pipe supports need to be installed or the roof will not last very long at all. Expanding and contracting will push the roof membrane which will eventually cause holes in the roof which will leak during a rain storm. A commercial rooftop can cost several thousands of dollars and if the building owner decides to save money by not purchasing pipe supports they are essentially throwing the money away.
Damage to the Roof
It will only take a year for a flat rooftop that does not have rooftop supports properly installed to start leaking. Holes in the roof can cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair after they have been damaged. Rooftop supports are as important as other materials and equipment that make up a commercial building. .
Roof Top Pipe Supports
Rooftop pipe supports hold piping up off the rooftop. The supports give pipes room to move when they expand and contract throughout the day. There are several different types of piping supports to benefit any types of roof and different types of pipes. Different pipes carry different substances and the pipe support needs to be able to support anything. It is best to consult a professional to install the right type of supports. This is an investment that will protect the roof for many years to come.
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