The Most Amazing Construction Projects From Around The Globe

The world is ever evolving and moving forward and this also covers construction. We have seen some of the most amazing construction projects from around the world being erected all around us. They are massive in demeanour and implement innovative thinking together with logistical elements. These amazing construction projects costs millions and even billions and are either for business or entertainment purposes. In this interesting construction based article, we look at the most amazing construction from around the world.

Amazing Construction Projects

1. The World, Dubai

This amazing construction project was totally indulgent in its manner and cost a cool $18 billion to create. The World, which is situated in the sea surrounding Dubai, was the creation of the world with islands. The idea behind this amazing construction project came from Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum and the islands were sold and private property or as real estate for resorts.

2. CityCentre, Las Vegas

Las Vegas is no stranger to amazing and bizarre construction but their new CityCentre project is huge. This is the largest, privately funded, construction project in U.S. history. The amazing construction that went into CityCentre was extensive and it is described to be like a city within a city. It is a multi-use plaza comprising of an array of offerings within Las Vegas. It boasts hotels, casinos, shops and restaurants and entertainment facilities of all sorts.

3. The ISS (International Space Station), Outer Space

This is the most expensive construction project ever to take place. It cost a whopping $100 billion to build and it took place a little further then Dubai or Las Vegas; a little place called outer space. The ISS is a space station which is located in low-earth orbit and is used as a research centre for astronauts, amongst other things. In-orbit construction on the amazing ISS began back in 1998 and was completed at the end of 2011.

4. Dubailand, Dubai

Dubai is a huge contender when it comes to amazing construction projects and at one stage, nearly 90% of the world’s cranes were located in the UAE country. Another addition to this list is the incredible construction behind Dubailand, a three billion square feet project and now the largest collection of theme parks in the world, beating Disney World. This amazing and massive construction project, one of the biggest in the world, cost an insane $6 billion which was gathered from private investors.

An interesting, and somewhat insane look at these amazing construction projects!

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