The Most In-Demand Gifts For Men To look Out For This Christmas

With the sun setting on the summer, the shops have already started turning their attention to the holiday season, with advent calendars and a few sprinklings of decorations appearing in the aisles. Of course, it never hurts to be prepared and while we’re not suggesting you get the tree up and cover the house in lights just yet, thinking about your Christmas shopping before the last-minute rush leaves the stores bare of the most popular gifts may prove fruitful – especially if you’ll be shopping for fussy males.

Some men can be notoriously hard to please but there are some key themes to keep in mind this year and a glut of gadgets and gifts which are sure to prove popular. Here are some ideas on this year’s expected big hitters to help inspire your own shopping.

iPad mini
It’s not even been unveiled or even confirmed yet, but there is already an eager clamour for the rumoured scaled-down version of Apple’s all-conquering gadget the iPad. Expected to have a screen of 7ins to make it easier to carry around, read on the move or slip into a pocket, it is sure to be as desirable as anything Apple unleashes so be prepared to get in quick if you don’t want to be faced with long waiting lists or ‘sold out’ signs.

Golfing goodies
While it may not have featured at London 2012 – we have to wait until Brazil in 2016 for golf to be introduced as an Olympic sport – this graceful game has still enjoyed plenty of attention this year and the eyes of the world will once again be on the sport when the raucous Ryder Cup returns later this month. More so than any other golfing event, it whips fanatics into a fervous and inspires countless newbies to pick up a club. Plus, the rise and rise of Northern Irishman Rory McIlroy has given British sports fans a new golfing figurehead to inspire the next generation of budding stars. Golfing gadgets, accessories, or professional lessons at a local course are sure to go down a treat with any sports-mad man keen to get win while they’re swinging.

James Bond-style gadgets
Daniel Craig’s surprise appearance as James Bond alongside the Queen at the Olympic opening ceremony this year was of course a mere warm-up for one of the most anticipated film releases of 2012. Skyfall is the latest in the James Bond saga and will hit cinemas in October, no doubt inspiring legions of men to dream of following in his footsteps. Gadgets, cool clothes, fast cars and plenty of action – Bond embodies much of what Gifts For Men are often all about. Treating your man to anything which will help him play out his own secret agent fantasies is bound to go down a treat, from official merchandise through to hands-on experiences such as thrill rides in some of 007’s favourite high speed cars, casino lessons or spy school-style activities.

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