The New Wave Of Archiving Important Data

Is There A Better Way To Store Data?

Too Much Data!

I am by no mean a “techie” or experienced in the technology field. But, I came across the subject of enterprise information archiving and my interest was definitely peaked. I had to learn more about it. Here are some of the things I found out. Apparently EIA was created because of something called Big Data.  Those are a lot of big high tech words. I for one don’t understand them all. But, all my tech people do, I’m sure. Now, the question here is whether or not Big Data is just a popular buzzword being thrown around, or if it is really something to be worried about. What I discovered is that if I could find out what exactly Big Data is I’d find out why we need information archiving.

We now have sensors, documents, weather, events, social networking, etc., etc. which all add to the amount of data we produce and need to maintain. There is just too much of it, and it’s becoming a problem all over the world. The data growth spurt is being driven by information generating technology such as sensor networks and mobile computing. Companies want to know how to manage and analyze that amount of data in a cost effective way.

Big Data is a term given to data sets that are large and complex. It is not possible to process the data using traditional software tools in a timely manner. This is where enterprise information archiving comes into play. When EIA is used there is the hope that several things can happen at a faster rate. They will be able to detect life threatening illnesses and conditions in hospitals in time to intervene. They will be able to predict weather patterns so that they can plan the best wind turbine usage. They can identify criminals and threats from video, audio, and data feeds faster.

EIA Benefits All Of Us In Some Way

EIA can be used in many different areas to speed up the way companies are able to help their customers and troubleshoot before there is actually a problem. Financial services, transportation, call centers, telecommunications, the stock market, utilities, E commerce, and fraud prevention will all benefit from using enterprise information archiving. That can only mean good things for all of us in the end.

The reasons businesses seem to be motivated by Big Data are several. Businesses are more focused now on their customers and their behavior. Businesses are using and embracing social media. More and more businesses understand that with huge amounts of information comes a possible new business opportunity. Sensors and social networks provide very frequent data. And many businesses are realizing that outside factors such as weather, events, headlines, and reviews can influence customers.

So, no wonder businesses are turning to enterprise information archiving. I guess Big Data isn’t such a scary thing after all.

Jesse Dugan has contributed to many blogs and sites in the past and is always open to new writing opportunities. Follow him on Twitter @JesseDugan.