The Popular Online Backup Manager

It is possible to save your important data and files in online storage space. Not only for the backup software, the online storage space will also be featured with many advanced and updated features. Do not worry about the safety of your files. Your important data and files will be perfectly protected in the online storage space. You can put the password for your file. Actually, online storage space has been popular in backup process. The online software is easier to use but it still provide a best backup quality. But, what kind of online backup storage space that can be used for your important files? Through this article, we can give you some recommended online storage space especially for you.

Several Choices of Popular Online Backup Manager

You may have heard about the name of Carbonite. This first online backup manager is very affordable. You can only pay for $59/Year to enjoying the features of Carbonite. This software can give you unlimited storage backup for one computer. Actually, Carbonite has a Mac support but it is also supported for Windows users. On the other hand, there is also Mozy as the other backup manager. Mozy offers a limited storage with the option of additional storage space. By using this backup manager, you will be able to get 50GB up to 125GB storage capacity.

And now, let’s move to ZipCloud as the optional online backup manager. In this case, you have to pay $4.95/Month if you want to use this backup manager. Bu using ZipCloud, you will get 75GB as the storage capacity. ZipCloud uses Amazon S3 infrastructure for its data storage. On the other hand, this software is featured with high safety data protection for the users. If you are looking for the lower price of online backup manager, there will be CrashPlan manager. In this case, the backup manager provide unlimited storage backup for one computer at just $5 a month. Although it has a low price, CrashPlan will work on nearly all computing platforms such as Mac, Windows, Linux and even OpenSolaris.

The most popular backup manager comes from DropBox. Dropbox is one of the best online data storage and file synchronization services. The advantage of using Dropbox is it can run for all computing platform. It runs on Mac, Linux and Window in simple way. You only need to create a centralized folder if you want to put the files and folders. On the other hand, those uploaded files and folders will be connected to Dropbox servers. You may also be able to sync the same Dropbox account in other computer. By using this online backup manager, you get will get 2GB storage capacity for free and you can get up to 18GB storage capacity in total through referrals.

Although you have kept all your important files in the online backup manager, it will be better if you still use a physical backup media for your important data and files. It can be a prevention of a data losing accident. There are so many physical media that you can use. In this case, try to install and use Genie Timeline as your backup software because it can give you a safety storage space, data restoring program and other updated features.