The Pros’ Secrets For House Cleaning

The Pros' Secrets For House Cleaning

Ever wondered how professional cleaning agencies and companies get to do their work? How you ever thought what makes these agencies as professional as they are? What are their secrets and how do they manage to clean everything up perfectly?

Most of us have hired these kind of cleaning agencies various times in our lives and have never stopped to think what are the methods that they use in performing the cleaning. We do not care as long as the job is done, right? Well we have managed to roam around this field and have studied upon the matter and managed to get the inside scoop about the cleaning methods that are used by the pros.

Maybe we are not able to be a part of the big league, but we can sure try to clean like them. Upon studying these examples you will be able to perform the cleanings in the same way and with the same results. So here are a bunch of tips that will help you clean your homes in a proper way that the pros were too secretive to tell you.

1.Remove Soap Scum

The bothersome soap scum that appears on the rims of our baths and sinks is a real pain and people every bothersome in removing it as it simply keeps coming back. Well there is a way for you to deal with it and it does not include rubbing it with a sponge which will just make things worse for the situation.

Just take a plastic putty knife and scrape off the layers of soap that have accumulated there. It takes as half as much as time that would be needed in dealing with it by using a sponge and also is more effective that way. Also you should in turn switch to a synthetic soap or a liquid gel which will stop the forming of this soap scum as well.

2.Get Some Quick Dusting Done

If you need to do some very quick dusting and to deal with the area that has some dust on it use a feather duster. It saves a lot of time as it enables the things to get done quicker and much easier.

Of course if the area is filled with larger mounds of dust then you should use a vacuum cleaner or a cloth, as heavy dust buildup is a completely different thing. But when guests are coming and you need to do a quick sweep of the place use a feather duster as your primary method.

3.Polish Your Stainless Steel

Although the stainless steel looks very beautiful it has a great fault, which is that it is susceptible to stains and smudges and even fingertips when touching it. In this situation it is best to get some mineral oil which works great in these situations.

You can pour it on a cloth and use it to wipe all of your stainless steel materials, like your cutlery, sinks, counterparts and other surfaces as well. The thing with the mineral oil is that it acts as a great repellant against water and sticky materials that can get attached to these sorts of materials.

4.Clean Your Kitchen Oven

Burning ovens represent a great problem and are very hard to clean. It does not only look good but it does not smell good as well, but there is a solution for that as well. Carpet cleaners on this blog say that the best way to remove the burns and all the grease inside is to preheat the stove first and set it to about 65 degrees.

Then use a cloth and put some ammonia and some washing up liquid on it and about 2 pints of water. Scrub your oven neatly and gradually and you will see that all the filthy materials comes off easy like a dream.

5.Dealing with the Smells from the Disposal

Everyone has at least once been dealing with bad smells coming out of their disposal shoot. But luckily there is a way to deal with that as well. Interestingly it is quite a peculiar way but it works and most certainly gives results. First you need to drop in some lemon peels or orange peels inside it and turn on the disposal in order to grind the material.

Run it for at least 15 seconds and then turn on the through it at half pressure. After that come the ice cubes that you also need to drop inside the shoot and grind them as well. After that you need to turn off the disposal and put a tap on it and fill the sink half filled with water and then take the tap out and let the water go through it. Maybe peculiar but really effective, kills unwanted odors and leaves your disposal neat.

6.Avoid Streaks while Cleaning your Windows

If you have small windows, it is best to use newspapers to clean your windows and that way completely avoid creating streaks. Paper towels and regular window cleaners do not provide the same effect and in most cases make matters even worse.

But if you have large windows, the solution for you is to use a squeegee. It saves on time and provides great results as the streaks on the windows are invisible or non-existent.

7.Do Some Speed Vacuuming

Vacuuming can sometimes take too much of our time and leaves us with a very hard job to do on our hands. But in order to do this much quicker and solve everything in one go by dealing with the vacuuming in a record breaking time there is a very simple solution for that.

Some of you might think that this is silly but actually it provides results and you will certainly think that you really needed to come up with this before. The solution actually includes using the central power outlet in your homes. That way you will not need to waste time plugging in the vacuum cleaner again and again as you can sweep your house in one go. It saves time and energy and enables you to have a clean home much quicker.

8.Use a Little Bit of Magic

Yes magic, that is what we are saying. But we do not mean to use a magic stick like Harry Potter or Merlin, but utilize a magic eraser. These nifty little things can be used to clean everything from your floors to ceilings. They are so magical that you can use them to clean tiles, wood surfaces and even laminate.

It does not only provides good results it also sashes the cleaning time in half, making this an effective use of an otherwise overlooked tool. Don’t immediately assume that this idea is silly as it truly provides results. Do not exclude it until you have tried it as you will be amazed with the results you come up with .

So there you go, we have provided you with the know-how and the knowledge that the pros use so now it is up to you to utilize it in the best way possible. Add some of these methods to your cleaning arsenal and see how effective it will be in order to bring your home together and order it the way it should be.