The Recovery Position For Construction Firms

With reports in the last few weeks that Britain’s economy is not exactly recovering at the expected rate, calls for the chancellor to reassess his approach to the financial sluggishness have included suggestions that more funding should be directed towards substantial building and construction projects.  The construction industry, along with the small to medium sector of any industry, are seen as being crucial to the UK’s financial recovery and as 2012 passes it’s likely that there will be further opportunities in both the public and private sectors for small and medium building firms.  The key for many small firms is flexibility and the ability to react quickly to a broad range of demands from different clients.  Having the right kit to help you achieve this is essential.

Fast and Flexible
For any construction firm the need for solid foundations need not be mentioned, and concrete mixers are a standard issue piece of kit for firms of all sizes.  Finding the best equipment that you can afford is essential and, for those supplying the building and construction industry, having flexible mixing and delivery solutions is essential.  Batching plants are an ideal solution and the modern type allow for mixing and delivery of batches of concrete to a range of different sites.  In terms of flexibility, the modern mobile batching plant works on a simple principle; by transporting the raw materials separately you’re able to mix the required amounts on demand.  A round of deliveries to different sites, whatever their requirements, can be achieved simply and quickly.  Modern batching plants allow the operator to mix a full range of different grades of concrete and can also allow for the mixing of screed or mortar as and when required.
Finding Suppliers and the Options
It’s this flexibility that is crucial to the operation of many firms but concrete mixing equipment, especially of the larger kind, is a big and costly investment.  The options for acquiring it include hire, lease, a combination of both, or outright purchase.  If choosing the latter it is worth considering used suppliers, especially those who supply from their own former hire fleet.  This type of plant has the advantages that it has a known service history and, of course, a specialist supplier will be able to offer parts and guarantees on used equipment.  Hire or leasing is the next best option, and certainly hire can allow you to respond to specific requests and one-off jobs that would not normally be within your reach.
Building Recovery
Although it has yet to be seen if the government will move to create greater opportunities for those in the construction industry, it seems that in order to stimulate the economy some such move will be necessary.  In addition to a coming high speed rail link and a number of incentives for those constructing housing, it seems likely that there will be further incentives to come to continue to stimulate this vital industry.  Being able to act quickly to tender for these jobs when they appear is essential for construction firms and their suppliers.  Although there have been significant cuts in both local and national government spending on construction and infrastructure projects in recent years, the chances are that this will soon change – for the better.
From concrete mixers to batching plants, finding the right kit and the right suppliers can help construction firms act quickly when (and if) new opportunities appear on the horizon.

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