The Rise of Addiction is Causing Harm from the Youngest to the Oldest in Our Country; Babies Born into Drug Addiction

Suffering from an addiction to a mind-altering substance can be one of the most overwhelming and difficult things to overcome in life. The people that are the most susceptible to falling into an addiction to mind-altering substances usually have some type of life situation or problem that they feel unable to handle. They begin using drugs or alcohol because their problem overwhelms them causing anxiety and depression. When they use some type of mind-altering substances, they find temporary relief from all the stress caused by whatever problem they are unable to face.

Most drugs act in a way that is similar to pleasant chemical reactions that naturally happen in a person’s body. These chemicals are usually released into a person’s system when the person does something beneficial for themselves. These activities include exercising, eating a big meal, having sex, accomplishing long-term goals, succeeding at work, enjoying time with friends and many others.

When a person has a difficult situation that they are unable to deal with, they often do not experience a release of these natural chemicals regularly. When they begin using drugs, the rewarding sensations that the person experiences are associated with using drugs instead. Because of these reward moments that are associated with drug use, the person can actually begin to feel on an instinctual level that they need drugs to survive the same way that they need food, shelter and human contact. However, drugs are synthetically stronger than most of the chemicals released in a person’s brain, so this need can overwhelm everything else in the person’s life.

Babies Born into Drug Addiction

We are currently seeing more addiction throughout the population of our country. This is one of the reasons that statistics show a recent surge in babies born into drug addiction. More children are born to mothers who are unable to handle their own life and who have turned to drugs as a way to relieve themselves of negative emotions. This need for more drugs can override some of the best intentions that the mother may have for providing a safe and stable environment for her unborn child. Without the proper rehabilitation and support, many of these mothers use throughout their pregnancy, up until the day that their child is born.

Depending on what drug their mothers using, some of these babies immediately suffer from withdrawal symptoms. While the symptoms for many drugs are uncomfortable for adults, they can be potentially deadly for a newborn. Some of these babies are born premature, which can make their physical ability to handle withdrawal symptoms even lower. When a mother gets to the point where she is unable to stop using drugs, even for the time she is pregnant, she is putting herself and her baby in grave danger.

Many times, the fact that the mother is suffering from some type of addiction to mind-altering substances is discovered when her baby is born. Withdrawal symptoms are often almost immediately noticeable by physicians who can cause them to perform drug screenings on both mother and child. If these tests come out positive, it is the responsibility of the attending physician to alert child services.

If there are relatives that are willing to take the baby, the child will go to a family member to be raised either on a permanent basis, or until the mother proves that she has overcome her addiction. If a suitable family member is not available, the child is often put into foster care where he or she may often go from home to home throughout their childhood. It can be difficult for foster parents to raise a child who was born into drug addiction because, as many of these children can suffer from behavioral and emotional issues as well as learning disabilities and social impairment.

It can also be difficult for the mother who lost her child. Not being able to raise her own child can make have a horrible emotional impact on the mother. They either give up completely, throwing themselves headfirst into their addiction without attempting to get clean, or they use this type of experience as motivation to find sobriety. Even for those women who make a legitimate effort to get clean, it can be difficult to get to the point where they are allowed to be a major part of their child’s life.

Drug Rehabilitation is Imperative for Pregnant Mothers

One of the most important things that a woman who is suffering from drug addiction who finds herself pregnant can do is to seek immediate treatment. If a woman finds out she’s pregnant and gets help, there is often a good chance that she will be successful. Bringing a new life into the world can be one of the most motivating reasons to change personal negative behaviors that a person will ever have.

If you or someone you know is suffering from an addiction to drugs and suspect you might be pregnant, please get the help that you and your baby deserve. Narconon drug rehab has one of the most successful drug rehabilitation programs, with 76 percent of all graduates going on to lead sober and productive lives.

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