The UK’s Responsible Packaging Manufacturers Growing Fast

In the UK, packaging solution providers have a customer-first mindset that strives to provide new and innovative packing solutions with an emphasis on customer service. Flexible plastic packaging products are taking the packing industry by storm. The UK’s most successful polythene manufacturers are finding that demand outside the UK is increasing steadily.
Indeed, the demand in Europe for premium grade extruded products from the UK’s stellar polythene manufacturers is stronger than ever before. One reason for the rise in exports is that UK polythene manufacturers are heavily committed to research and development of new packaging products. UK residents may not be aware of the environmental and social commitments the country’s polythene manufacturers have made. This manufacturing sector is taking aggressive steps to neutralize and reduce the carbon footprint.
The country’s largest and most successful packaging solution manufacturers have multiple facilities to help train new employees and to service their export and national customers. Many of the manufacturing facilities can best be described as multi-million pound investments in state-of-the –art technologically charged factories.

UK Specialisations in the Packaging Industry

UK manufacturers excel at the production of several packaging disciplines.

  • Pallet covers
  • Heat shrink film
  • Pallet hoods
  • Stretch capable automated polythene film

The manufacturer’s commitment to ongoing product development has helped the country stake a lion’s share of the export of the finest packaging materials on the planet. To solidify their customer relations, these manufacturers offer a free assessment of the client’s shipping and packaging needs. This protocol is a win-win for client and manufacturer, whose representatives may offer valuable advice about how to provide time-saving, cost-efficient alternatives.
The UK’s polythene and packaging solution manufacturers have implemented aggressive quality control procedures. When quality control joins a commitment to excellent customer service, everybody, including the planet, wins.

The packaging industries share of the marketplace

The UK’s packaging goods manufacturers have gained a healthy share of the global marketplace. Despite the recession, these companies have found strength in numbers and have increased their market share as other manufacturers have cut back on quality, environmental initiatives and customer service. When international or national buyers engage services from the UK, they can have confidence that the country and the industry are taking huge strides toward production of neutral carbon polythene and reducing waste through aggressive recycling practices.
The UK now relies on this industry to bolster GDP. And, you can help. For packaging solutions, go UK. Grow the economy. Help the environment and do business with home grown providers.
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  1. I commend the UK manufacturers for producing quality products and for considering the impact of these products to the environment. I hope that you’ll continue on offering these kind services. Great job! Thanks for posting!

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