There’s Not Just Football In Natal, Brazil

There's Not Just Football In Natal, Brazil

As the host city of the match between Italy v’s Uruguay, all eyes will no doubt be on Natal at some point or another during the World Cup 2014 and if you’ve got plans to get a little closer then you’ll find plenty of fun activities to enjoy to ensure you make the most of the coast.

With a nickname like ‘Cidade do Sol’ (City of the Sun) you’ll soon get the picture of what to expect and if you’re looking for plenty of opportunities to check out the beaches of Brazil then the largest city within the state of Rio Grande de Norte won’t let you down.

Below are just a few of the fun things to do that you can expect to find whilst visiting Natal and anyone looking for sun, sea and sand need look no further as this place has got bucket loads.

Ponta Negra

This is pretty much Natal’s most popular beach and a must for anyone who fancies chilling out under palm trees with plenty of places to eat, drink and be merry thrown in for good measure. Swimming, sailing, volleyball and a couple of miles of white sand to stroll over give you ample chances to have fun in the sun and if you’re looking for the ideal hang-out within walking distance of the city then Ponta Negra is definitely the place to be.

Genipabu Sand Dunes

Thanks to some massive sand dunes, Genipabu beach has long been attracting lovers of the outdoor life as from camel rides to buggy tours, this is where you come to if you fancy going all ‘Lawrence of Arabia’. Of course, with sandy slopes this awesome there’s only one thing to do and that’s ‘esquibunda’ which is what the locals call dune surfing and if you’re brave enough to stand or just tumble down then you’ll be picking that sand out until you get back home.

Ma-Noa Water Park

Just over 30 miles out of Natal, Ma-Noa water park promises at least a day’s worth of action if you fancy getting out of the city and having a little explore. Featuring numerous slides, waterfalls, hot tubs, lazy rivers and splash pools this is an awesome option for anyone who likes to play just don’t forget your swimming togs. Thanks to the location, right next to Maracajaú beach you’ll also be able to make the most of the coast and if you’re into your snorkelling then welcome to paradise.

Parrachos de Maracajaú

As mentioned, the waters off Maracajaú beach are simply stunning and donning a mask, flippers and snorkel is definitely recommended if you’re hoping to discover some of the best preserved coral reefs in Rio Grande do Norte. Boat trips will take you around 4 miles out where you’ll find some handy floating platforms as well as a colourful and absorbing underwater world fondly regarded as Brazil’s answer to the Caribbean.

Forte dos Reis Magos

Originally constructed around 400 years ago to protect the city of Natal from attack, this well-preserved fortress is definitely worth a couple of hours and if you don’t fancy the trek then getting a cab is an easy option. Great coastal views and close to one of Brazil’s largest cabled bridges (the Newton Navarro) as well as the chance to play at being a soldier repelling marauding invaders – what’s not to like?

The Natal Aquarium

As you’d expect from the largest aquarium in Brazil, this is the perfect introduction to the underwater creatures that inhabit the waters off the Rio Grande do Norte coast and if you’re hoping to find a bit of peace and quiet after a night out then welcome to relaxation central. With around 30 exhibits, including a large central tank full of sandpaper sharks, this is a great place to learn more about the creatures that you could well encounter on your next dive into the ocean.

If you’re looking for more awesome options for Latin America holidays outside of Brazil then make sure you do your research and you’ll be sure to find untold things to do as well as some of the most incredible adventures on the planet – have fun in 2014!