This Diwali Bring Happiness by Sending Gifts

Festive season is just around the corner. People are getting ready for the series of festivals that are lined up in the coming few months. Among all the festivals there is Diwali which is celebrated in almost every corner of India and that too with a lot of dedication and full of enthusiasm.

During this time people worship Lord Ganesha and goddess Lakshmi in their houses as they believe, worshipping them will bring a lot of prosperity in their near future. Diwali is also a celebration of lights and not to forget the bursting of endless crackers. During this festival people light up their houses with candles and diyas and send invitations to their friends and relatives to come down to their houses so that they can celebrate together. So the most common thing during Diwali is the Diwali party invitations and they start flowing in at least a month before the actual occasion. Going to Diwali parties with empty hand is not a good idea and so it is intelligent to start making plans soon. Diwali handmade gifts fills up the store shelves weeks before the occasion and one can pick things up from there. One can also make their own choices of gifts and make the hosts happy with them.

  • Any happy occasion is incomplete without sweets. So whenever you are invited for a Diwali party, the essential thing that you must carry is a pack of sweets. Sweetness spreads happiness and so this is a must. Instead of carrying sweets, one can also take a box of assorted chocolates which will be liked by everyone including the children.
  • If you think sweets are too mainstream and common as a gift then try the opposite. Take some munchies or snacks to the party. When everyone will be carrying a box of sweets you will definitely stand out carrying a basket of snack items like chips, samosa, kachori, fries and other things.
  • If it is a party then you can always carry a bottle of chilled red wine with you. Red wines are always welcome in the party and the hosts can also share it with the other guests and raise a toast on the festive evening. Remember, always put the wine bottle in a nice wine bag and then present it to the host.
  • We all know that Diwali is the festival of lights. Then why not gift the host a pack of scented candles which they can light in the evening. There are many decorative candles that are available in stores and they are multicoloured as well. It will look nice when lighted. You can also make these nice candles at home and then send them as Diwali gifts.
  • You can always carry packs of crackers to a Diwali party which will be an instant hit among the kids. They will love it.

Handmade crafts for Diwali are always available on stores and also on online websites. Pick up your choice for this year.