Three Tips to Keep in Mind When Applying for Social Security Disability

Are you preparing to file for Social Security disability benefits in the near future? If so, it could be a stressful time in your life if you’re unable to work and not yet receiving any sort of disability compensation. Having the right disability attorneys can make life a lot easier, but also preparing your application in the best way possible is key to making sure you’re awarded disability.

If you’re preparing to apply Social Security disability soon, there are some tips that you can learn in order to make it more likely that you’ll be awarded disability. Check out these tips that may help you when applying for disability, so you can have a more secure life.

Be Thorough

Your Social Security disability application is just like applications for many other things in the world, which means you need to be very thorough when completing it. When completing the application, it’s very important that you mention all of your health problems, including minor problems. If you just mention the most severe problem, you may not be awarded disability, so make sure you include all of your health issues in your application no matter how big or small.

In addition to including all of your health information, make sure you include information about your doctors and hospitals that have treated you, including addresses and phone numbers. Your application will also ask you about your average day, so be sure to be thorough and write about your bad days, and don’t describe your days before you had the disability.

Appeal Quickly

There is a pretty good chance that you will be denied initially, as is common for many first time applicants for Social Security disability. It’s nothing to be too alarmed about, it just means that the process will be a little bit longer. If you are denied, file an appeal as quickly as you can. You must file an appeal no more than 60 days after the date on the denial letter, but the sooner you appeal the better.

The best way to appeal is to appeal in person at your local Social Security office, but that isn’t possible for everybody. Appealing on the phone or by letter is also possible, although it might take a bit longer for a response. It’s best to consult with an attorney if your appeal is denied.

Inform Your Doctor

Before you even submit your application for Social Security disability, you should inform your doctor of your intent to do so. Your doctor will play a very important role in the support for your disability case, so making sure your doctor knows you’re applying is very important.

If your doctor knows that you are applying for Social Security disability, he or she will likely respond to Social Security requests more quickly and urgently, and you can request that your doctor take detailed notes about your illness during every doctor’s visit, so they can included in the treatment records.

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