Time Management: A Must For Academic Success

It is probably safe to say that almost all of us are guilty of using our time unwisely at least sometimes, but probably a lot! We often lament how busy we are and how we do not have time to do all the things we need to do, but if we took an honest look at how we are spending our day, our time crunch is often due, in large part, to poor choices. Whether you are preparing to head off to college, already there or considering heading back to finish that degree, effectively managing your time is an integral part of your success.

Stay Focused on Your Goals
If a lot of us are honest with ourselves, it is usually not that we do not have enough time to do the things we need to do, it is that we choose to spend our time doing different things that may seem more pleasurable or easier; we may feel anxious thinking about studying for that test or starting the outline for that research paper and we convince ourselves that we should clean out our closet instead or something else that is far from needing immediate attention. Sometimes the things we need to do to get what we want are not always fun, easy or exciting. If we keep our eye on the bigger picture though and keep our goals and dreams in the forefront of our mind, we will manage our time better and make sure we get what we need to do done.
Plan Ahead
There will likely be a lot of fluctuations in your schedule in regards to your work load. You may have a week or two when you have nothing more to do than reading while there will likely be other times when major assignments and exams all fall into the same short period. Pay attention to your workload and what needs to be done when. By planning ahead, you will be better prepared overall and especially during these busy times. Figure out how much time you will need to do the various tasks and make sure you work this time into your schedule.
Make Effective Use of Your Free Time
It is nice, and essential, to have some downtime where you can just enjoy yourself and do absolutely nothing. But, in order to make the best use of your time and reduce stress as much as possible, it may be wise to use some of your free time to do other things you need to attend to, such as finally getting that teeth cleaning. Sucking it up and doing this every once in awhile will reduce the temptation to complete these important but non-essential tasks when you are looking for an excuse not to do your schoolwork.
Write it Down!
One of the easiest and most effective ways to manage our time better is to write everything out. It is a great way to get organized and to make sure you do not forget anything. It forces you to actively think about your responsibilities, engagements, appointments, assignments and anything else that requires your precious time. Getting it all down on paper will make you feel organized and efficient.

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