Tips For A Successful Job Interview

Going on a job interview can be an overwhelming experience. For many people, it is the main reason why finding a job is so difficult. However, for other people, the hardest part of job hunting and career planning is making a lasting impression on a hiring manager during an interview. If you ever feel as though you are unremarkable during your interview, there are a few interview tips you can follow to ensure that your next interview is a success.

1. Observe your surroundings as you walk through the office and into the interview.

Find something you can talk about with the hiring manager. For example, if you see a set of paintings in the hallway, discuss the paintings with the hiring manager. By starting a conversation about something you see in the office, the hiring manager will not only have the opportunity to talk to you conversationally, but he may also note how observant you are of your surroundings. 

2. Show the hiring manager that you did your research on the company.

With the job market in a slump, many people have started applying for as many jobs as possible in hopes of landing at least one job offer. However, with so many job interviews to go on, people simply do not have the time to learn about each company and that lack of knowledge does not go unnoticed by hiring managers. Before your interview, do your research and learn about the company. Discuss what you have learned with the hiring manager and ask questions. Interested candidates are more likely to get a job offer than candidates who seem in over their heads. 

3. Avoid wearing all black to an interview.

You need to wear an outfit with a little color and only use black as an accessory. For example, instead of wearing black dress pants, opt to wear gray dress pants. Instead of wearing a black or white shirt, try wearing a shirt with color. However, always make sure your outfit looks professional and not flashy. 

While a job interview may be memorable for you, that is not always the case with the hiring manager. Part of career planning involves learning how to sell yourself. Go into the interview with confidence and passion. Hiring managers want to hire people who love what they do. When you follow a few interview tips, you can ensure that your next job interview will be a success.

Tim Nelson of MAP Houston serves as career resource to help professionals indentify and achieve their career goals. Get career tips from Tim on Twitter and Google+.