Tips For Maintaining An Indoor Fountain

Making your space calm and inviting is as simple as installing an indoor fountain or water wall. Some people thing that such a thing is extravagant to maintain, when in reality they are pretty simple to keep up with. The amount of serenity they bring to a space is well worth the time it takes to maintain an indoor fountain or water wall. Here are a few easy steps to implement to keep your indoor fountain lasting years.

Ideas for Maintaining Indoor Fountains and Water Walls

  • Pump must be submersed in water. When you first install the pump, keep an eye on it to see how long it takes for the water to evaporate. This will give you an idea on how often you’ll have to change out the water.
  • Only use distilled water. For the proper maintenance on your indoor fountain or water wall, only use distilled water. Distilled water is free of minerals that can cause hard water stains on your indoor fountain or water wall. Those same minerals in tap water can clog up the pump, which can be a pain to clean out if you have to do it more often than normally required. Stick to distilled water. Because you only have to fill the fountain every few weeks, this does not end up being a major expense for the majority of indoor fountains and water walls. Sticking to distilled water improves the lifespan of your fountain making your investment worthwhile.
  • Add white vinegar to circulating water. Every few months, pour a cup of white vinegar into circulating water in the fountain. This non-toxic, natural ingredient acts as a major cleanser for indoor fountains and water walls. The white vinegar will pass through the circulating water into the pump, cleansing it of any built-up minerals which can gather and eventually clog the pump. White vinegar also wards off gnats and mosquito larvae which can be issues with indoor sitting water.
  • Keep the indoor fountain or water wall on at all times. In order to prevent larvae or algae from growing, the water should stay circulating at all times. Do not make a habit of turning the fountain or water off after a business has closed. This will end up creating algae that can be hard to remove from the fountain and can also cause mosquito larvae to hatch. The commitment that comes with purchasing an indoor fountain or water wall is to keep it on at all times, regardless of whether people are working or in the building or not.

Maintaining your indoor fountain or water wall does not take a lot of effort once you know what you’re doing. The most important thing is to use distilled water and keep the fountain or water wall on. These are the two key factors that will keep your fountain in primo working condition for a long time to come. Be sure that employees who work around the fountain are well informed on how to care for it as well.

This article was contributed by the experts at Water Gallery.