Tips To Prevent and Avoid Auto Accidents

About 5.25 million auto accidents happen each year. If it happens every minute, how can you avoid driving accidents? In this article, we give you some tips to increase your safety behind the wheels.

Wear seatbelts. This rule may have been said many times over – but everyone must really wear seatbelt all the time. Even if it is just a trip to a nearby store or at a parking area, an accident can still happen especially when a speeding car comes towards you. Adjust your seat belt if they are uncomfortable.

Check your car. Make sure you get to look at your tires before riding your car. Be consistent with regular check-ups for your engine, brakes, etc. Do not forget your car maintenance and take note of the time when tires, oil, batteries, and plugs need to be changed.

Secure all things inside the car. It is better to put bags, books and other objects underneath the car seat or inside seat pockets instead of just resting these on the seat since it can fly off and hit someone during a collision. Heavy objects inside the trunk must also be securely tied because these can also go through the rear seats.

Have car repairs done immediately. Once you hear or feel something different with your car, have it checked right away. A malfunctioning head or tail lights, broken side mirror, loose bumper, busted wiper and the like should not be prolonged since these are essential aids and guides in safe driving.

Obey traffic rules. A busy day and being in a hurry, or a lax traffic monitoring can be temptations to disobeying simple but important traffic rules. Always stay within speed limits, follow traffic lights, drive and turn in assigned areas, use proper signals, etc.

Avoid driving if you are not feeling well. A mild headache, dizziness, stomach ache and such in the morning can occur when you are driving. So, if you cannot avoid it, make sure to come to a stop if you feel like these symptoms are appearing. Also, avoid driving if you know you are not in your best condition, like if you had alcohol intake or medications with side effects.

Be an attentive driver. Even if you are the most careful driver, there are a still a lot of reckless people in the streets. Pay attention to potential dangers and hazards, and stay away from it if possible. If you are about to crash, instead of looking head on, look at possible escape routes so you would instinctively head towards it.

Remember that primarily, it is not the driver’s skill or experience that will keep them safe on the road. It’s all about how careful you are with your car and when you drive.

Written by Marc Laferierre, owner of Dents Unlimited. Dents Unlimited is the go to auto shop for collision repair in Columbia, MO.

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