Top 10 Unusual Muffin Recipes

This post lists the top 10 unusual muffin recipes and flavours currently available. There has been a huge increase in the popularity of muffins and cupcakes in recent years, with this trend set to continue.

Why So Popular?

Since the explosion in popularity of takeaway coffee in recent years, muffins grew to become the most popular link purchase people would make. With people getting busier and more people than ever before skipping breakfast, coffee and a muffin on the way into work is often a welcome sanctuary from the challenges of the morning rush.

With the popularity of muffins at an all-time high, the general flavours such as Blueberry, Raspberry and Apricot, and Chocolate are being challenged by more unusual tastes. We looked at the ten best unusual muffin flavours that will get your heart racing (not literally) and your taste buds jangling.

1. Honey and Lavender

Not everyone’s cup of tea, but a quirky and fragrant flavour that will light up your senses and make you feel warm inside.

2. Lemon and Vanilla

Although both quite common flavours, together in a muffin they create an infusion of amazing tastes which will blow you away.

3. Carrot, Orange, and Cinnamon

This is really a miniature carrot cake, but produced as a small muffin the taste is even more distinct and powerful.

4. White Chocolate and Cranberry

A little bit of a Christmas twist to this one, so expect to see it later in the year, although it provides an exciting alternative all year round.

5. Peach and Thyme

Putting herbs into a recipe is generally reserved for cooking or smoothies, but try this for an unusual yet great tasting muffin.

6. Figs

Figs are a little like marmite; you either love them or hate them. Either way, the taste sensation they give in a muffin will mean you definitely like these.

7. Rhubarb and Rosemary

Carrying on the herb theme from earlier, this is another seemingly strange combination that will leave your taste buds purring.

8. Mango

While peaches and apricots are fairly common muffin flavours, using mango or other exotic fruits as a substitute will give your muffins an exclusive, luxury feel and taste to them.

9. Rose Water and Lime

Get a truly definitive taste by going easy on the fruit or chocolate filling, and getting extra flavour infusions by stirring in rose water and key lime juice before cooking.

10. Chilli

Many people associate chilli in confectionary with chocolate, but adding finely chopped chilli or chilli flakes to a muffin recipe will add an exciting and unusual taste sensation.
Try incorporating some of these unusual ideas into your home baking, and add a whole new dimension to your self made muffins.
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