Top 3 Bars In Boston

Looking for the best bar in Boston? Look no further. We have reviewed dozens of the most frequented establishments in the city and have put together this list of the top 3. We have based our list on the following criteria: food quality, drink selection, service, atmosphere, popularity, and location.

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The Pour House

The Pour House is located across the street from the Hynes Convention Center. This bar is known for its lively atmosphere from after work drinks to late night parties. They offer a large menu with classic bar and dinner items. They have become famous for their massive nacho platters that won’t put a dent in your wallet. The drinks are cheap too, with beers coming in at under $5 and mixed drinks under $7. Service is attentive as well, always refilling drinks and clearing plates. This is a great bar for a cheap bite and a great party atmosphere for young professionals.

Ned Divines

Located in Boston’s famous Faneuil Hall, Ned Divine’s is an absolutely massive bar that occupies the entire top floor of the revolutionary war era building. Ned Divines is a classic Irish bar with a modern flare. The bar has one of the best atmospheres in the city with three different rooms. Ned Divines features musical acts in its main room from regional bands to the worlds top DJs. The prices are right in the middle of the range but the atmosphere alone is worth the premium.

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Beacon Hill Pub

This is the dive bar on our list. While the décor is nothing to rave about, the atmosphere and drinks are. The bar is large, with two different bar areas and plenty of space for recent college grads to congregate. The drinks are college cheap as well with beers coming in under $3 and mixed drinks under $5. The Beacon Hill Pub is by far the cheapest bar on our list.

So check out one of these bars the next time you are in Boston. These places are sure to give you a bang for your buck, a great atmosphere, and a memorable experience. There are plenty of choices around the city of Boston but if you stick to these three bars, you won’t be disappointed.

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