Top 5 iPhone Apps For Nurses

Smartphones are definitely dominating the global markets and people in every profession are using them. Nurses have a hectic life and therefore, there are plenty of apps created so as to decrease their burden.
They have to cater to the patient’s needs, the orders given to them by the doctors as well as various other tasks – it’s no easy job! Therefore, they should make the best use of mobile apps which are available.  Some of the top iPhone apps for nurses include:

Nursing Central
Nursing central is basically a huge medical dictionary which has over sixty thousand different concepts and over five hundred drugs explained on its database. This mobile app was created by Unbouond medicine and is perfect for nurses who are in search of something. Moreover, you would easily be able to search for any nursing related information such as nursing journals, diseases, tests, medical procedures and so on.
iChart functions as your very own personal medical assistant and is useful both to the doctors as well as nurses. Using this app they would be able to gather all information related to their patients such as the diagnostic reports and test results right into their smartphone.
This way, the doctors would be able to treat the patients faster and with ease rather than hunting through files.
Epocrates Rx
This is a free iPhone app using which nurses would be able to get the latest drug updates as well as interact with others and check out the possible new drugs that are to be released. It’s surely one of the best apps that any nurse could possess and since it’s also free – it’s a must have app!
Doctors are well known across the globe for their illegible handwriting and very often it leads to headaches when we try to decipher this hidden code! But, scribble doc is an app which uses the latest technology so that you would be able to easily convert this into something legible. The final document would be in the Arial font of size 12.
A.D.A.M Symptom navigator
If at all you’re in search of information of a particular disease you would love this app. This app is surely one of the best; as, it would help you in each stage right from assessments, treatments, symptoms and it would also give you alerts as to when you would need to inform your doctor about an emergency.
There are thousands of apps that would be able to help nurses, some are based on learning more about particular diseases, others to help identify and administer first aid whereas there are some that simply help you understand what the doctor has written.
Therefore, you don’t need to worry at all; because, you’ve got lot of help and you would surely learn a lot whilst you’re a nurse. Most of the nursing apps are free; but, there are also the paid ones and you should opt for them only when you’re sure you’d need the app very often.
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