Top iPhone Apps For Social Media

Everyone loves to know what is happening in the lives of his near and dear ones and loves keeping track of those. This should have been the reason why there are countless social media networks being present today. In addition, with the launch of each new Smartphone, apps enabling and ensuring your 24 hours connectivity to these social media networks are also being created. Here are few such interesting and inevitable iPhone apps that will help you to establish your presence in your network at any time you want to…

Five social media iPhone apps to remain connected

1. Facebook
Facebook is one of the most popular ways of keeping track of your near and dear ones. It is one of the social media networks every SEO professional would target as a key part of social media marketing, to enhance and enrich the inflow of traffic to his websites. No wonder there is an app designed exclusively for iPhone users. A free app, it is quite similar to its desktop companion. Update your status, update your status, comment on posts, approve friend requests, and upload pictures – never miss out what is happening in your work and friends circles with this app.

2. Flipboard
Flipboard is an app that offers connectivity to multiple social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and LinkedIn, to name a few. This app is quite different from other apps; it offers timelines in the form of elegantly designed magazine-alike pages, makes reading updates, and offers a niche and chic way of keeping yourself glued to your networks without getting bored. With a handful of interesting features, this app is one of the top picks.

3. TweetDeck
This is a free app for those who love to tweet and keep track of the Tweets. While it does not offer all the features when compared to the paid Twitter applications in the market, it ensures support for multiple accounts on Twitter. It streamlines all your accounts into a column-like interface from where you can easily swap between the recommendations, messages, and friends list with the tip of your finger. A handy and quite easy to use application, it allows you to tweet and upload images to your accounts and share those within your network via vfrog or twitpic.

4. HootSuite
Managing all your accounts on multiple social networking sites – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Foursquare, to be precise – is now an easy task! Courtesy – the HootSuite app for iPhone. Simple, yet powerful and elegant, this app enables the user to send updates, schedule those updates, keep track of the click stats, and even create tracking columns for monitoring #hashtags, keywords, and lists. A free app, it comes in Basic version for the new users and a Pro version for the professionals.

5. Sociable
Compose and converse while you are on the go. That is what exactly this app is all about. It allows you to update your network with you location, status, and photos, and that too without logging in every time. It offers supports of various social sites, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr. Iyt It allows you to upload tweets on Twitter, photos on Facebook ad Twitter, update your LinkedIn status, and update photos and messages to your Tumblr blog.

So, these are some of the best social media apps for iPhone that make simply your social life. Which one is your choice?

In the present times its very difficult to imagine our lives without social media platforms. Abhishek is a SEO and social media consultant and works with a number of self branding Gold Coast companies.