Top Mobile Apps For Social Media Marketers

Social networking apps dominate the mobile application world. The statistics reveal that a person spends at least 81 minutes each day on mobile apps as compared to 74 minutes browsing on web.

As a social media marketer, you will definitely want to keep pace with the latest social networking apps. With newspapers, magazines, new channels brimming with such apps, it becomes really difficult to filter the best ones. Each day a new app adds on to this never ending list.

Here we have the top 6 apps for social media marketers.

  1. Analytics App: No need to be away from your data when you have analytics app in your phone. A premiere app, it is priced about $6.99! It consists of 55 reports showing data up to 100 rows that is more than any other analytic app. The best part is that it supports multiple accounts and logins. This application can provide you with a pleasing overview with the help of a dashboard report.
  2. Dragon dictation: This voice recognition application helps you save your ideas as and when they strike you. Just dictate them to your smart phone and go back to them whenever you are free. The connectivity and integration with Facebook and twitter websites make them a sure shot hit with marketers.
  3. Facebook: No marketer in today’s time can do without realizing the power of Facebook. Constant integration with the social media website can help you create the awareness about your brand and constantly update your fans about all the latest happenings.
  4. Flicker: This free to download application gives the users an opportunity to create buzz by sharing interesting photos which are related to their products. This also allows them a chance to reach out to new customers. Certainly the best way to share high resolution photos over the internet.
  5. Flipboard: This amazing app allows the users to flip freely through the stories, feeds and online pictures. The users also get an option to select the feed received by them by switching on a filter. The user friendly interface makes it one of the best applications for social media marketers.
  6. Battery Pro: A low battery may hinder your work while you are traveling. With this exceptional app of “Battery pro” you can let go off with your constant battery problems. Priced at a descent $0.99, this app is one of its own kinds. It monitors your battery level and also calculates the time remaining to empty battery. Moreover, it auto-adjusts to your battery- health and also to your usage. A commendable application, it is accurate for your iPhones and iPod Touch. For the best results use this wonderful application while charging your phone.

By using these apps a social media marketer can certainly improve the effectiveness of his campaign and get the best results without spending too much time on looking for ways to reach the prospective customers.

Abhishek is a SEO consultant who works with a number of social media marketing companies and SEO agencies all across the Gold Coast.