Top Places To Visit While In Barcelona

Barcelona is on of the most visited places in Spain. Multiple tourist spots and historical landmarks are located through out the city. All this makes Barcelona a remarkable tourist attraction and many people call it the city of treasures.  In order to get the best of your Barcelona visit, you must spend at least 5 days – there are simply too many attractions to explore there. Here are my favorites:

The Antoni Gaudi’s the Sagrada Família is literally calling the tourists with its magic look. What makes this destination so spectacular is its amazing architecture. The designs and styles of Sagrada Família are really breath taking. The building is dedicated to one of the holy families in Barcelona and today it is a museum of all works of Antoni Gaudi. Because of its location the Antoni Gaudi’s the Sagrada Família is accessible by all means of transport availble in the city. You can explore pretty much the whole sight, but most of the time the higher chambers are private. 

If you are looking for another amazing piece of architecture then it is important to see Parc Güell. This building is a great piece of art by Gaudi. Yes, it is also designed and constructed by Antoni Gaudi. What makes the Parc Güell one of the most famous sights in Barcelona are the amazing glass sculptures and the beautifully painted buildings. The Parc Güell is easily accessible from pretty much anywhere in the city – you can go there using the metro, bus or a taxi. This is one of the places you shouldn’t miss during your vacation. 

If you want to see more of the beauty of Barcelona, you should visit the Montjuïc. This sight is known for its magic fountains and just behind them, you can find one of the most amazing castles in Spain. If you use the metro for transport, you should go to Espanya L1 and L3 stops. 

The most famoust market in Barcelona, located on 3 streets is known as Las Ramblas. There you can buy pretty much everything you can think of. 

When you return from the Las Rmablas, the Gothic Quarter will definitely attract you. These quarters carry many memories of ancient Spain and for that reason the area is called the heart of Barcelona city. This quarter was home of ancient Roman villagers.What makes it so charming are the Catalan Gothic architecture, picturesque plazas and Roman ruins.  

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