Toronto Personal Injury Lawyer Tips: How To Preserve Evidence In Personal Injury Accidents

Toronto Personal Injury Lawyer Tips: How To Preserve Evidence In Personal Injury Accidents

The first few hours following your accident can spell the difference between a strong and a weak personal injury claim. Below are tips from a Toronto personal injury lawyer which can help strengthen your case.

Go back to the scene. As soon as you can, you should go back to the scene of the accident. While being in a clear state of mind and being able to report what exactly happened from your standpoint can make you help your case, there may be several factors in the scene which you have failed to remember or take notice of. For example, a faulty traffic light might have caused your personal injury. If you already have a Toronto personal injury lawyer in mind, and you are too injured to check out the spot yourself, you can have the firm deploy their most trusted private investigator. A third party investigating the matter might also produce better results than you doing the investigations yourself. CCTV footages might also be available during the accident. You can get a hold of these evidences before trial or negotiations to make a stronger case. Take photographs whenever necessary.

Protect physical evidence. You and your Toronto personal injury lawyer might be able to notice physical evidences that someone else is at fault for your injuries, but these physical evidences won’t hold water unless you preserve their existence. Take photos and preserve the evidence itself whenever possible during investigations. Save these evidences for trials, if your negotiations with the other party don’t bear much fruit. Sometimes, presenting evidence during depositions can also help you get bigger claims against the defendant.

Look for witnesses. Aside from physical evidences, you also need to gather witnesses if there were any. The account of a third party who has nothing to gain from testifying can be just as strong physical evidence against the defendant. If the witness is credible, and could have a powerful hold on the judge or a jury during a possible trial, the defendant would be more cooperative during negotiations. Your Toronto personal injury lawyer should also train your witness to testify well in court.

Document your injuries. To be awarded proper compensatory damages, you need to be able to document your injuries very well. This way, your medical bills won’t be questioned in court. Expect the other party to negotiate for lower damages, and while this can be infuriating, be calm. Just present the court enough evidence to strengthen your case, and appeal for their understanding that your pain and suffering should be rightfully compensated. Your Toronto personal injury lawyer should also help you better represent yourself while you’re on the stand. You should be prepared for any tricks the other party could try to play while you are in court.

Income loss. You can also get proof of your income loss by getting the help of your doctor and your employer. Just provide a proof of your income, and the days that the doctor is assigning you to take a rest from work while you are recovering.

Whether you need a Toronto personal injury lawyer specializing in slips, trip and fall accidents, car accidents, or brain injuries, Preszler Law Firm can help you. Let us help you get the compensation that you justly deserve.