Transform Your Deck Or Patio Into A Private Oasis This Summer

Transform Your Deck or Patio into A Private Oasis This Summer

Summer is sweeping the country with its warm temperatures and long days. There is no better time to enjoy an outdoor get-together with your friends than the summer. Have a few friends over for a relaxed drink or throw a big barbecue. A great deck and patio will provide the perfect location for all your summer entertaining.

Building or refurbishing a deck or patio is a great way to create a beautiful, lasting outdoor space that complements the rest of your home. A great deck provides space for entertaining and can also boost the overall value of your home. Be sure to think carefully about your patio and deck choices before building. You want to create a vibrant space that you can use for years to come.

Choosing The Right Deck or Patio

A new deck or patio is essentially like a new room. This outdoor space will serve as an extension of your home and is the perfect location from which to host barbecues and parties. When choosing what kind of deck or patio you will construct, you should keep a few factors in mind.

Do you want to stay cozy or go big and open? If you live in an area that receives frequent rain, you may wish to build a year-round outdoor patio that is enclosed by a roof and screens or windows. It’s a great idea to build a fireplace into this outdoor space so that you can use it throughout the fall and winter. Many individuals choose to create indoor-outdoor patios that offer the best of both worlds.

If you love to soak in the sun and live in a temperate area, a large and open deck may be the perfect choice for you. Large decks are generally easy to maintain and provide the perfect backdrop for hosting. They can be constructed from a variety of materials, though composite decking is now the most popular choice. Composite decking offers the feel of wood without all the upkeep.

Whether you choose a small, cozy patio or an expansive deck, it’s worthwhile to think about adding a kitchen or grill center to your outdoor space. Entertaining will be much easier when you can prepare food and drinks outside. You’ll escape from the hassle of carrying drinks and dishes in and out of the house all night long.

How to Make The Most of Your Outdoor Space

To get the most out of your deck and patio, you should aim to create an outdoor oasis. Your oasis will provide a great setting for parties and a perfect getaway when you just need to spend some time alone. Keep the following essentials in mind when creating your outdoor space.

Plants, trees, fountains and ponds. You can create an oasis feel by surrounding your deck or patio with potted plants or trees. Choose lush tropical plants and potted palms to create an exotic feel. Install a fountain, pond or other water feature to cut down on background noise and provide an extra touch of tranquility.

Entertainment systems. You may wish to conceal a TV, stereo and surround-sound system in your outdoor space. Choose speakers that look like rocks for the best results.

Seating, seating, seating. Of course, your outdoor space should feature plenty of comfortable seating. Many department stores even carry classy seating that doubles as storage.

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