Turn Your Home From Plain And Dull To Charismatic And Lively

Curious as to how you can make your home more appealing? Even if you keep your home organized and clean, it can still seem dull and gloomy. Whether you just moved into a new home and are deciding how to arrange your furniture, or you’re just tired of looking at your home and seeing the same ambience, there are simple and easy ways you can make your home appear more lively and charismatic.
Paint or add wallpaper border to your walls
Painting your walls is an easy and inexpensive way to instantly transform the look of any room in your home. When choosing what color to paint your room, first take into account the room you want to paint. Are you painting your bathroom, bedroom, living room or kitchen? This is important because the color of a room sets the tone. For example, if you want to give your living room a calm and relaxed appeal, then you will want to choose light colors such as white or baby blue.

If you’re already satisfied with the color of your walls but want to liven them up, you can add a wallpaper border. What’s especially great about borders is that you can place them wherever you’d like to on the wall. You can place them at the very top, the center, or in between. You also have a large selection of styles and patterns to choose from.
Go from carpet to hardwood floors
Has your rug lost its flare? Tired of vacuuming the pet hair? If so, then get rid of the carpet and get hardwood floors. Many favor hardwood floors because they give off a classic and elegant tone, match anything in a room, are more durable in comparison to carpets, and they increase the property value of a home. Most homeowners place a rug over a large part or specific parts of a floor, particularly the center and entrance areas, in order to keep the floor looking new, and to add some style. Oriental style rugs are highly popular because of their jewel like colors and decorative pattern. Oriental rugs are especially fitting for living rooms and dining rooms.

Rearrange your furniture
While rearranging your furniture doesn’t seem like it will do much to add livelihood to your home, it actually helps you appreciate your furniture in the ways you didn’t before. After seeing furniture in a specific location for so long, it can seem useless. But by switching it around, you begin to appreciate it and make more use of it.
Open the curtains and give your lamp a new shade
Although they may just be window curtains, you can help them get noticed by adding a personal touch. If you have lace curtains, why add a bow or pull them to the side? Or if you don’t think your curtains can be salvaged, buy new ones. You have an array of patterns, materials and lengths to choose from. While the lamps in your home probably aren’t something you concentrate on, unless your lights are running low, a new lampshade can really light up a room. You have different styles to choose from and some shades come with small patterns.

Jillian Johnson is a professional content writer with an interest in writing about home decor and home improvement. Follow her @MissWritey.