Understanding The Car Cell Signal Amplifier

Understanding The Car Cell Signal Amplifier

One of the common problems faced by every mobile user is weak mobile signal reception. Even with a carrier that has a high capability, some areas do not have adequate support to make calls and digital data transmission. This problem becomes even greater as the increase in the number of mobile phone service subscribers. Some users try to improve cellular signal reception by using a cellular signal amplifier that is designed to address problems related to the dead zone. Before amplifying cell signal, every mobile phone user should understand some aspects related.

You should be aware that any signal booster works in a different way, based on several aspects, such as the type of network used and also the type of hired service provider. No signal amplifier that is compatible with all types of mobile phones, so that every buyer should do some researches before purchasing this device.

Two Types of Cell Phone Signal Booster

Although we can find many types available on the market; generally signal amplifiers can be divided into two types: femtocell and repeater. Femtocell mimics the workings of cellular towers and its work system is connected directly to a consumer’s home network. Femtocell functions as a standalone cell tower that has direct access to information. This type is usually sold directly by mobile operators at the prices that are quite expensive. While the repeater works by capturing data transmitted by cell tower and strengthen them over certain areas. In the case when you’re driving a car, the reinforced area is the cabin of your car. Because repeaters are independent, they are usually manufactured and sold by third parties, one good example is MyAmplifiers.

Signal Repeater

Each repeater has a same method of working with ways to improve radio or television signals. A repeater system consists of three basic elements. The first element is a directional antenna or external antenna which leads to cell towers. This antenna is typically connected to a fuse lightning and in vehicles such as cars, usually mounted or integrated with the car antenna. The second element is the amplifier and the third element is an internal antenna used to emit signals which have been strengthened to the user’s mobile phone.

Signal Coverage of Repeater

Signal coverage reflects the ability of the amplifier signal. Therefore, users will receive relatively weak signals if the repeaters catch signals that are quite weak as well (from the cell signal transmitter tower). A repeater is not directly connected to the signal carrier so that it cannot be programmed to detect a certain phone specification. This device usually picks up signals in a specific frequency so as to know the type of frequencies that can be accepted by your mobile phone is something that is very important. In the case of you are driving your car; you do not have to worry about internal antenna’s range because the tool will only distribute the signal to an area that is narrow enough, the cabin of your car.