University Checklist For Smarter Living

The prospect of leaving home for the first time and heading off to university can be both an exciting and daunting time for any teenager. It is effectively the first step towards bona fide adulthood and the point at which they have to fend for themselves away from the comfort zone of mum and dad. Of course there are the usual items which are commonly accepted as essentials for any student but there are also some which are less obvious but can be extremely beneficial none the less.
Below we can observe a few of these items which are not usually found on the standard university checklist.
George Foreman Grill

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Healthy eating is not something a student is typically known for. Pizzas, burgers, noodles and kebabs are all favourites for the cash strapped undergraduate. With this ubiquitous kitchen appliance, you can have your favourite tasty grilled dishes with all the taste and half the fat. Endorsed by celebrities the world over, it’s an addition to your packing which you won’t regret. The grill comes with easy to follow recipes making even the most incompetent teen capable of making delicious meals.

First Aid Kit

Whilst there’s bound to be fun and frolics during your uni years, it makes sense to be prepared for any eventualities. Having a first aid kit might not be the first thing you think of but it’s a great resource to have. It should never be considered a substitute for A & E but you’ll be glad you have a plaster or two when you’re dripping all over the lino after cutting your finger on a tin of tuna.


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Somewhat retro but they are making a comeback. These great little devices are just what the doctor ordered if you love your fizzy drinks. No longer will you be limited to cola and lemonade from expensive vending machines as the Soda Stream is like a genie but without the bottle. Just about any flavour of pop can be whipped up in an instant. This one can really add variety to your life!

External Hard Drive

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Most of your course work will inevitably be done on a laptop or pc. This will involve large amounts of data sat on word or excel documents. You will need to back up your work as to lose hours or days of research is just about the worst thing that could happen to any conscientious student. Rather than rely on temperamental USB drives, it might be a good idea to invest in an external hard drive. This option is more reliable and allows for much more capacity. Just don’t forget to back it up, regularly!
Another alternative is a Dropbox subscription, allowing you to access your files from any computer. With apps for Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and even Kindle Fire you can also access your files on the go, with a free account starting with 2GB of space. For each friend you refer, Dropbox awards you with 500MB of space for free up to a limit of 16GB! No more worrying about knocking your relatively delicate hard drive while rushing around from lecture to lecture, or that clumsy friend with his can of coke – Dropbox has all your files safe and sound.

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Ok, this might seem like a weird option but why not? This brilliant form of transport will make you look rather stupid but who cares. It will get you to those lectures on time without breaking out in a sweat. They don’t go fast enough to injure anyone and it makes for a great conversation opener.
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