Useful Information On Granite Sealers

Sealing a granite surface helps to make sure that the granite has an extra layer of protection to keep out debris and moisture. Each granite floor and countertop has microscopic cracks that you may not be able to see, but water and debris can certainly find them. When water gets into those cracks, the cold weather can make the water expand and affect the durability of the granite. If dirt and debris gets into those cracks, then it can make it difficult for the granite to naturally expand and contract, which will make the cracks worse. The best way to protect your granite is to use granite sealers that will help to cover those cracks and keep out debris and water. You should use a natural granite sealer and buy a product that is specifically designed to be used on granite.

  • Granite sealers should be applied at least once a year.

Some people allow their granite to go 18 months before applying a sealer, which is acceptable. But 18 months is the longest your granite should go without being sealed. Another piece of advice that people need to use when applying a sealer is that granite sealer should not be applied to newly installed grout. While many manufacturers will say to wait at least 48 hours after applying grout to use a sealer, it is usually best to wait at least 72 hours before applying the sealer to new grout. The sealer will interrupt the settling process for the grout and could cause your granite surface to become unstable.

  • When you apply granite sealers, always find a small place to test the sealer before applying it to the entire surface.

Some granite reacts differently to sealer products, and you need to know how your granite will react before applying it to the entire surface. Always hold the spray can of sealer at least six inches from the surface of the granite and apply it to an inconspicuous part of the granite. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for applying and removing excess sealer, and then let it sit for at least 48 hours. If you like the results that you see in your test area, then you are clear to apply it to the rest of the floor. If you do not like what you see, then you need to find a new sealer.

  • Granite sealers can be tested as quickly as 30 minutes after application.

You will know that your sealer is doing its job when you can see water bead up on the granite surface just like water on a waxed car. That means that your granite surface is now protected.

The best way to protect your granite is to use granite sealers that will help cover cracks and keep out debris and water.