Want Your Backyard To Really Stand Out? Let The Garden Fountains Of Bali Inspire Your Design

As a home owner, you may find yourself having a friendly competition with your neighbors in regards to whose yard is the “best looking in the neighborhood.” If you’re a competitive homeowner, however, you’re in luck because you can let the infamous garden fountains of Bali inspire your design and there will be no competition. If you really want to get your neighbors talking, you’ve probably heard the expression “a picture’s worth a thousand words.” This may be true, but seeing a Balinese-inspired garden in real life will leave anyone speechless.

To Understand Balinese Design, You Must First Study Bali:

Design is almost never by accident; it’s carefully planned, and good outdoor design depends on a location’s geography, climate, and culture. You can’t expect the same plants to flourish in your backyard as they do in Bali, for example, because Bali is situated on an active volcano, making the soil more fertile. It also has a large chain of tall mountains that increase rainfall.

Religion also plays a large role is both Balinese life and design. A major design aspect reflected in Bali’s primary religion, Balinese Hinduism, is the belief that gods and goddesses exist in any inanimate thing including statues, a tree, or even a rock. 

Outdoor gardens reflect the Balinese appreciation for art, ancestor worship, belief in sacred places, and exercise self-controlling rituals similar to meditation in Buddhism. Water is also an extremely important element in outdoor gardens because the Balinese consider water central to all religious ceremonies, and often refer to their religion as the “religion of water.” They even arrange statues according to the flow or direction of water; statues always face upstream, which in Bali is towards the mountains, where it is believed that the gods reside. Now that you know a little bit more about Bali, you can create a garden that’s more authentic and respectful to Balinese culture.

Water is Essential, so Why Not Install a Garden Fountain?

Because water is an essential element of a Balinese garden, it is imperative to incorporate water in your design! Balinese gardens may be well known for their numerous pools and ponds, but you can still get the look with a garden fountain. A Balinese fountain may be small and simple, but it reflects the principles of Balinese art and it is also functional.

To complete your Balinese outdoor space, add some garden statues and common Balinese plants (if they’ll grow in your climate) such the lotus, ferns, and jasmine. Once you’ve completed your garden, you won’t care what your neighbors think; you’ll be too busy relaxing and meditating on the fact that you have such a beautiful backyard. 

  • Pebble Dripper Fountain via Kinetic Fountains

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