Do A Child Have Emerging Psychic Or Spiritual Gifts?

Do a child have emerging psychic or spiritual gifts?

Every living person has been gifted with inborn psychic ability. However, it has been argued that the level of psychic ability in kids is stronger as compared to that in adults. The big question is why is this case?

There are situations where children have been able to do some things that are out of the ordinary. This may seem strange to many people. A good example is how the baby can communicate that it’s hungry and hence require some food. Babies cannot talk, but, are able to communicate their needs to their caretakers. This is evidence of telepathic abilities in the most pure form. This ability enables the kids to communicate by only using their mind.

Children also have a gift of seeing auras. This can also be classified as a psychic ability. An aura is an energy field that is around each person, object or place. Through thee auras, one is able to tell the vibes or personality. Kids are able to detect auras very well. This ability is clear evidence that kids are good at psychic readings. This is the reason why children react differently when they meet new people.

Sometimes a child or a small baby can laugh by itself. This is because they are able to see spiritual entities that grown ups are not able to see. Yes, kids are excellent medium readers and have a very strong sixth sense. There are many documented cases where kids have come out of near death scenarios claiming that they were in communication with a spirit.

Children also possess other different types of psychic abilities. Children can have the psychic ability of clairvoyance, telekinesis and precognition among others. The question is why are the psychic abilities much stronger in the children as compared to adults.

There are two major facts about the psychic abilities. Firstly, each person is born with an inborn psychic ability. This ability flourishes best where one is totally pure in the mind, spirit and body. This is the reason why the children have got a stronger degree of psychic ability. They have and intuitive and innocent nature with a pure mindset, body and soul that allows their spiritual and psychic gift to flourish.

Kids that have got psychic gifts are referred to as indigo or crystal children. In most cases, the kids are not even aware that they have got such gifts. Majority of the adults do not even realize that their children have got these kinds of gifts since having weird dreams and imaginary friends is common among children.

With each passing day, spiritual and psychic abilities keep fading. This is why adults hardly have these abilities. This is because as a person grows older, he or she losses his purity and innocence. However, it is possible to keep your psychic ability as you grow older. This effort should be made at early age.

Parents should try and ensure that their children are brought up in the most pure form. This could help them maintain their spiritual and psychic gifts to adulthood.

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