Do I Have What It Takes To Be A Model?

A number of aspiring models normally ask themselves this question. They find that they have the recommended height and look but are that all? The following article will try to give an in-depth analysis on what it takes to be a model.

The basic requirements of modeling agencies are as follows;

a) Should be within a certain height range that is 5’7-5’8.

b) Should have a desirable bone structure

c) Should have skills that are desirable for a model.

d) Their body type should be desirable.

e) They should have a good personality.

These are the core requirements but what do agents look for specifically while recruiting models:

  • Slim figure – Does that bother you? Models are supposed to be slimmer than an average girl. They are recruited slim and they should maintain that body shape for as long as they want to be models. To maintain this, models should be able to stick to a particular
  • type of diet and never deviate from it. A model who keeps having a plate of French fries three times a week is not serious enough the effect of this can be devastating and models who are dedicated know this too well and they keep off such diets. Models should also keep to a daily routine of exercise for them to maintain their body shape. The reason for modeling agencies insisting on slender models is that clothes hang much better on slimmer figures than plumb ones.
  • Slimmer figures are believed to be appearing great on camera. This has been attributed to the fact that slim bodies loose some of the angles during photo shoot because of the two dimensional effect. So the models end up appearing slender and with a good shape. If full bodied models are taken for a shoot this two dimensional effect won’t be felt. They would look plumb which is not really appealing on model magazines.
  • A good posture is the other very important feature that models look for. The most encouraging thing about this is that it is a feature that can be cultivated. Many modeling agencies recruit models that do not have a good posture initially. They are aware that through rigorous exercise and training, models can be able to attain a good posture. A good posture is essential because majority of a career model’s walk is runway.
  • Apart from matters concerning looks, a model should have a good self esteem that is the way one expresses self. The work of a model involves a lot of stressful work. One can end up getting to a halt. A good self esteem ensures that a model is well composed at all time. Self esteem is a virtue that can be cultivated. The group of friends or family that surrounds the model is very important. They can build the model’s self esteem or tear it apart. Model’s are advised to maintain a group of people that provide positive outlook at life issues all the time.
  • A model should be able to take good pictures. Some models though their looks are good can take horrible pictures. The ability of one to take good pictures is called “being photogenic” The basic content is personality and confidence apart from looks.

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