Ways To Cut Your Electric Bill In Half Year-Round

Anyone can benefit from cutting his or her electric bill in half, especially during the hottest days of summer and the coldest days of winter. There are many simple measures that you can take in order to trim down your electricity bill. In addition to using innovative heating devices such as the Empyre furnace, keep the following three tips in mind. For the best results, make sure that your whole family is on board with your energy savings plans.

Control Summer by Saving Energy
Running an air conditioning unit all day can be tempting, especially when summer temperatures reach scorching levels. Unfortunately, the costs associated with using air conditioning are hefty. Such units will drive up your energy bill and are generally not environmentally friendly. Instead of relying on air conditioning this summer, crack your windows and choose light-colored draperies. These simple measures will keep inside temperatures down no matter how hot it is outside. If you must use your air conditioning unit to battle high temperatures, be sure to keep it in energy-saving mode.
Use Low-Cost Measures to Stay Warm in the Winter
An outdoor furnace, such as an Empyre, can seriously cut down on your electricity bills during the winter. These innovative furnaces are also an environmentally friendly solution to your heating problems. You should dress warmly even when indoors. Wear sweaters and socks to keep your body warm. Try to minimize the amount of time that you spend outdoors during the coldest parts of the day. Remember to keep your drapes securely closed at night to trap heat. On sunny days, you may wish to open drapes for added warmth.
Carefully Monitor Electricity Usage
One of the best ways to cut your electric bill down year-round is to carefully monitor your use of electricity. Be sure to turn off all lights and electronic devices when you leave a room. Open the drapes for natural light during the daytime. It’s also wise to avoid leaving electronic devices, such as cell phones and laptop computers, plugged in overnight.
Cutting down on your electricity costs doesn’t have to be difficult. The key to enjoying a lower electricity bill year-round is simply using good sense. Turn off appliances that use up electricity when you aren’t using them, equip your house with an outdoor wood furnace and great draperies to control temperatures throughout the seasons. Rely on natural light and fresh air whenever possible.
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