What Are The Advantages Of Booking Early For Your Train Tickets?

With fuel and car insurance prices constantly on the rise, rail is emerging as one of the most popular forms of travel of the modern day. Efficient, comfortable and affordable, many are turning away from their sat-navs in favour of the country’s rail networks, whether for long or short trips, business or pleasure. Eager to find themselves the best deals, many people have begun tapping into the potential of comparison sites, where users have access to a range of prices, operators and routes, allowing them to gain more control over their end product. Those most savvy with the process have begun pre-arranging their tickets as early as possible to get the best benefits, so here’s just a few reasons why it’s best to book fast!

  • Booking early makes for dramatic savings- Despite the huge benefits on offer here there is still some level of misunderstanding whereby people assume that booking late will find them cheap deals. In actual fact, booking far enough in advance can see you make savings of up to 80% so as soon as you have a date for your journey be sure to get online and see how much money you could save. Between ten and twelve weeks prior to your travel is often a good time to start checking for cheap tickets as Network Rail are contractually obliged to display their timetable twelve weeks in advance and cheap advance tickets are often displayed shortly after this.
  • Booking early is the only sure fire way to avoid disappointment. With popularity growing for this mode of transport, many people are alarmed by the speed at which these tickets are snapped up. When and where you are travelling to can also have a significant impact on availability of tickets, so if you’re expedition sees you off in peak season to a renowned tourist location, such as Brighton in mid-August for example, it is even more essential to find your tickets fast. It is also worth noting that tickets during peak times of before 10a.m. and between 5 and 7 p.m. are also the first to sell out so if it is imperative for you to travel between these times, your reasons for booking early may have just increased further.
  • Getting in early for your train tickets may also allow you to enjoy certain additional benefits such as more choice regarding your seat location. It also allows you to concentrate on the more exciting aspects of your journey such as planning your days and deciding what to pack. Knowing you have a safely secured spot on your journey can take a weight off your mind and fill you with a sense of reassurance, letting you enjoy your journey more.

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