What is the Penalty for DUI in California?

There are a lot of people who would like to know more about traffic rules to know what things they should do while on the road. Some people are aware of the things that they should do because they have taken classes for it. Some have already forgotten and would need to research more about it. Do not drive without knowing the rules that may lead you to make a traffic violation. The different offenses can be categorized into three different categories.

These categories are the following:

  • Misdemeanors
  • Felonies
  • Infractions

It is evident that infractions may not be the most serious out of all the categories that you can find. You ought to know more about this to be sure.

What is a Traffic Infraction?

This is something that you may do that will lead to getting a traffic ticket. You may need a ticket lawyer Los Angeles in order to help you in fixing your traffic ticket immediately. This means that you need a strict liability offense. A lot of traffic infractions will not require you to be in court.

Types of Traffic Infractions

In order to help you understand what a traffic infraction is, you need to know that it comes in two different types. The first type is moving and the second type is non-moving. What is a moving traffic infraction? This occurs when you are inside the vehicle when the infraction occurs. Some examples of this type of infraction are the following:

  • Not using the turn signal before making a turn
  • Turning into a wrong lane
  • Not stopping for pedestrians

A non-moving traffic infraction occurs when your car is parked and you still commit an infraction. Some examples of this type are the following:

  • Parking in a PWD space
  • Blowing the horn in a non-blowing horn lane
  • Expired meter

There are various consequences that you can get when you experience a traffic infraction that you will know more about as you continue reading the rest of the article.

Possible Consequences of Getting a Traffic Infraction

There are different consequences that you can encounter when you get a traffic infraction. A lot of times, getting a traffic infraction means that you will get a traffic ticket. You can hire a traffic ticket attorney orange county if in case you need more help about how the traffic ticket can be resolved.

There are instances however when getting a traffic infraction can result in getting a suspended license. Some factors may affect the type of result that you are going to get such as the following:

  • The unique laws of the state
  • The driving record of the driver
  • The number of times that an infraction was done.

The fines that you have to pay will also differ depending on the different factors mentioned above. If the state that you are in sets some standard rates, then you will immediately know how much you need to pay with or without the help of a santa ana speeding ticket lawyer. You can be a more careful driver and avoid traffic infractions as much as you can.