What Questions Do You Need To Ask When Hiring A Criminal Lawyer

What Questions Do You Need To Ask When Hiring A Criminal Lawyer

You can require assistance of a criminal lawyer at any point in your life. To handle such complicated cases, you need to take assistance of a criminal lawyer. There are several criminal lawyers, choosing the right one would require effective comparison. There are some important questions that are must to be asked to an attorney before you hire them.

What documents do you need to bring when visiting a criminal lawyer?

There are several items that you need to bring to assist the criminal lawyer to evaluate your case. These items include:

• All those documents that you have obtained from the court that shows your charges and next date to appear in the court

• Bail papers

• All relevant paperwork you had received from the court when your property was searched

• Copy of the police report

• Also, it is required that you provide a list of witnesses, defendants and victims to criminal defense attorneys.

• A questionnaire to ask while hiring the lawyer.

List of questions to ask when meeting the criminal attorney

Right selection of the attorney is very important for getting positive outcome. Below are mentioned some questions that you need to ask a criminal attorney to arrive at the right decision.

• Which was the law school attended by them?

• What is your year of graduation?

• How many years of experience do you have in practicing criminal law?

• How many times do you appear in the court where my legal case is going to be handled?

• How many cases do you handle in trial?

• Have you associated with any professional organizations or bar associations? If yes, then name them
Questions to ask for assessment of the case

• What legal options do I have? Do you recommend a guilty plea, agreement, or a trial?

• What features of my legal case work in my interest?

• What type of potential issues do you see with my legal case?

• What should I expect at the varying stages of the process, that includes filing of motions, arrangement, disposition, motions hearing, and trial?

Questions related to case management

• Will you be there to represent me?

• Will there be other people who would work in my case? Will I get a chance to meet them?

• Will you personally represent my case in court or someone else will be given the responsibility to do the same? If yes, then who?

• Can I call you in case of any questions?

• What is the preferred mode of communication?

Questions related to legal fees

Criminal defense lawyer Ft. Lauderdale is known to be the most reputed, expert and experienced criminal lawyers who have brilliant success records in handling cases of their clients.

• How will I be charged: hourly or a flat fee?

• Do I need to pay a retainer fee?

• What components does a flat fee include?

• Is the fee refundable?

• What other types of expenses do I need to pay the fee?


Different lawyers possess different level of knowledge, experience and specialization. The type of services that they offer also differs from one attorney to another. Learning about their technical expertise and services would help you make the right decision.