What To Buy Someone As A Gift?

Do you ever struggle to find the perfect gift? That’s because they’re really hard to find nowadays. It’s hard to buy a unique gift because if you want something that’s unique the likelihood is that it’ll be pretty expensive. This means settling on something that is available to people every day, nobody wants to buy a gift like that as it’s not special.

If you put “Unusual Gift Ideas” into the search engine on the internet there are lots of different things that can be bought; below are some of the more unusual ideas that came up.

Champagne Cork Table
This is pretty self-explanatory, it is a table shaped as a champagne cork. In addition to the table you can also buy stools to go with it, these are also in the shape of a cork.

Personalised Champagne
This is a bottle of champagne, where you can personalise the label to say whatever you like. This is a great gift idea for any occasion from a wedding to an 18th birthday, as not only can you enter the name but you can also put the date, so they can be kept as a memento of the day.

Breakfast Express Egg Cup
This nifty invention is made up of three carriages – like a train – that are linked together with magnets. It is composed of an egg holder, toast rack and a salt and pepper pot. This is a perfect way to keep a child entertained.

Egg and soldiers breakfast set
This set involves a castle as an egg cup and a horse a soldier holder.

Rounders Set
During the 90’s this was a very popular outdoor game, it’s still played in schools but is not as common elsewhere.  This would be a great gift for adults and children, take adults back to their younger days and teach children a new fun game to take them away from their video consoles.

Personalised sign
These are a great present for a wedding; add the surname to the Mr and Mrs newlyweds, along with the date, this will be a gift for them to cherish forever.

Personalised Jewellery
Why not personalise a necklace, bracelet or ring? You can add names, symbols, dates or anything else you can think of.

Love Voucher Book
This is a great way to spice up your love life and make things fun. The vouchers can be anything from an I.O.U to “Breakfast in bed” or a “Weekend Get Away”.

Wooden train set
Why not get a new born a personalised train set with their name spelt out on the carriages? This is a great gift for a little boy or girl.

Baby High Top Trainers
Have your or a friend’s baby’s name stitched on some high top trainers. After they’ve worn them they can be kept with all the other memories of their first years.

This article was written by Laura Jacobs for www.myhaus.com, specialists in unique gift ideas.