WhatsApp Group For Nature Lovers

WhatsApp Group For Nature Lovers

WhatsApp is the most popular application among the mobile used apps and it is the number one message exchanging service available so far. WhatsApp is now part of Facebook since it owned it by paying $19 billion and this deal has gone well. The thing about WhatsApp is that we can send messages to anyone with just internet connected and we can sent the messages to anyone who are on the application for a free of cost. This amazing app allows its users to send the video, audio and image files to be connected through the digital media. There is also a chance for a group chat where a group of people can chat together and send messages. It just takes a few taps on your smart phone to create a group and start chatting there. This brings us to the point, there are many groups that are available on WhatsApp for various goals. one of them is that there is also a group for nature lovers that is available in the application where one can share the content related to nature and pass the information. Let us have a look into the details related to that. You can also update the Best Whatsapp Status everywhere and every day.

Amid all the gaggle of WhatsApp groups filled with small talk and awash with random forwarded messages, there are some groups that are no-nonsense with regards to allowed content. For instance, one popular group specialises in messages about trekking and nature. Any member who sends off-topic messages is deleted.

The WhatsApp community group titled ‘Mahabank Trekkers” is for trekkers and nature lovers. It was initially started by Bank of Maharashtra employees, but eventually grew to non-bankers. It now has 90 members, who share information about trekking related activities as well as anything about nature.

Hiresh Choudhari and Datta Phope are the group administrators of this community and both are acclaimed trekkers. Choudhari said, “The only condition for the group members is whatever they want to share has to be related to trekking or nature. We don’t entertain any posts like ‘good morning’ or ‘good night’; instead we caution the member against sending such messages. If he or she continues to share such posts we delete the member from the group.” Love to gamble, but do not want to leave home? No problem, modern free casino games are available at any time and from any device, with no downloads or registration required. Choose the best online pokies in Australia to get maximum winnings! In the reviews on our website, you can find answers to any questions related to the gambling industry. You wanna know how to choose a roulette strategy, get a free bonus with no deposit to play real money pokies, or where to find slots with the highest RTP? Join us, and we will help you make your hobby not only fun, but also profitable!

Phope, who is included in Himalayan records for climbing Sulitop peak in the Kumaon ranges, said that most of the members post information about trekking, rock climbing or their latest expeditions. He said that a lot of messages on the group pertain to social work. Choudhari said that the group also helps needy students and schools with donations of school stationery and books. The group members are also involved in charitable activities, be it organ donation or eye donation. The most recent update, you will be figuring in Galaxy Note 5 and S7.

This way, this group in WhatsApp is getting popular and they are doing their part in sharing the valuable information about the nature and saving the environment up to some extent and thus helping in spreading the information in the digital world. This group is an example that this app can be helpful to share and spread the knowledge too.