Which Broadband Provider? Examining Your Options

Do you examine all of your broadband options every year? A broadband contract has a minimum term of 12, 18 or 24 months and it is a great idea to check your current provider for competitiveness at the end of that time.
Broadband technology advances very quickly and more competitors enter the market, so you can almost certainly find a better deal than your current one.

Where to Start
Dig out your broadband contract and check the minimum term on it. This is not something that most people remember and your provider will not remind you when you have completed the minimum contract, they will just keep it rolling over from month to month.

  • Do Your Research

Find out about the different broadband technologies that are available.

  • Start from where you are now.

ADSL connections (Broadband via phone lines) are sometimes very slow because of long lengths of copper cable between your local exchange and your home. If you have a phone-line connection to the Internet then there may be better options available.
Cable is your best option because it uses an optical fibre to the local cabinet connection. Cable contracts include your phone line and usually include an all-inclusive broadband/TV/Phone deal. The TV is the most expensive part of this deal, so if you prefer to stick with your Sky satellite TV just take the broadband /phone deal that is offered.
Mobile Internet is very expensive and unreliable in many areas. If you have cable available then get it connected, it is worth the connection charge because your monthly broadband bills will be so much smaller. If cable is not an option and you have no landline then you should consider having one put in.
Once you have the connection you can change your provider according to the best deal on offer.
If you cannot get an ADSL or a cable connection because you live in a rural area then consider satellite broadband. It is more reliable and cheaper than a 3G mobile broadband service.

  • Compare the deals

Once you have decided on the technology you can then use a comparison site to find the best deal.
The best way to use these sites is to have a quick look to see the kind of deals currently on offer. Then come away from the Internet and analyse your needs. You pay extra for a faster connection and inclusive phone calls, but if you have no need for a faster broadband connection then you would be wasting your money paying for one.
You need the fastest Internet connection if you want to watch films or TV using your broadband. Gaming sites also require a fast connection. If there are multiple users in your family, all trying to do different things online simultaneously then you need a fast connection.
If you only use the Internet for browsing and email then a slow connection will not cause you any problems.

  • Make the call

Ring the customer service desk for your short-listed broadband providers and ask what speed you will actually get with them. There is a voluntary code of practise whereby they have to tell you anyway, but actually asking gets the important stuff out faster and gets the rep away from his or her script.
Sally Donnelly recently realised that her ISP’s contract had ended. She went online to compare broadband provider deals and found a faster connection for a lower monthly cost.