Why Being With Companions Is Better Than Alone

Where have you been in the world?  Do you have some sort of ‘bucket list’ of places you need to see this lifetime?  But wait.  What if you aren’t married?  What if your friends aren’t ‘game’ for the African safari?  What if you have absolutely no one to travel with?  What can you do?  Just give up on your desires to see the globe? No way!  Find one or more travel companions.  That’s the ticket out of here and off to wondrous places.

You have to admit, traveling with at least one other person is a lot better than being alone.  Consider the advantages of being with one or more people.


Probably one of the best advantages others, safety and security is heightened when more people are involved.  Where are you going?  Somewhere in South America?  Do you know much about the area?  No!  You’ve never been there!  It’s better to be precautious.  Being with more people makes it likely you won’t become a ‘tourist victim’ of crime.  Additionally, being with more working minds makes it less likely you’ll get lost, or at least get lost alone.


That’s right – F.U.N.  It’s not very fun to be by yourself all the time, especially in a new place.  Think of yourself kayaking, hiking, zip-lining, taking pictures with a Margarita in hand…all alone.  That’s not a very fun-seeming picture!  Now imagine laughing with others, dancing with others, and day activities with others.  It’s a more joyous picture, isn’t it?  There’s nothing wrong with some personal time; but, vacations are supposed to designate a ‘break’ from the norm.  Fun is often an essential part of a regularly-scheduled vacation.  Increase the fun.  Increase the number of travel companions.


A number of getaway-stay venues can work the price down for you if you are traveling with a number of people.  Where one person may have to pay an exorbitant price, a group of travel companions may catch a considerable financial break on lodging and accommodations.  You don’t have a problem with saving money, do you?


They say, “Two heads are better than one.”  When you travel with multiple people, you gain added perspectives.  It often enriches the experiences.  Think of some of the best times you had in your life.  Were other people involved?  It’s very likely.  One can find travel companions in complete strangers or cajole friends or family members to ‘come along for the ride.’  Either way, being with travel companions sets the tone for an incredible getaway experience.

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