Why Children’s Entertainers Will Keep Your Kids Party Alive And Kicking

Keeping kids entertained on an average day can be hard enough, let alone keeping a whole host of kids entertained at a party. Organising ways of keeping a Children’s party alive can seem a little daunting, but there is one great solution that can save you a lot of time: hiring a children’s entertainer. Let’s face it; if you’re a parent, then you’re probably a very busy person. Saving time is likely to be high on your agenda. So, let’s have a look at a few ways a good children’s entertainer can keep the party rocking.

The Classic Punch & Judy
Punch & Judy just doesn’t get old. It entertained me countless times when I was a child, it entertained my grandparents, it entertains kids today, and it’ll probably entertain our grandchildren and their grandchildren too. A great Punch and Judy show will be a memorable experience for the kids. Just picture back to when you were a kid. Wasn’t it great joining in and laughing whilst the show was going on? There’s just something magical about seeing puppets acting silly. Any good children’s entertainer will set the party on fire with a great Punch & Judy show.

Balloon Modelling
Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m still mesmerised today by people who can create amazing animals out of balloons. And I’m an adult in my mid twenties. Balloon modelling is great for all the kids at a party. They can all marvel at the creatures being created right before their very eyes, and if they’re lucky, they may even get their own balloon animal to take home with them. Just expect a little crying if one animal suddenly decides to ‘pop’ out of existence (hopefully, it won’t).

Face Painting
Face painting dates back thousands and thousands of years. Across the ages it’s been used for camouflage, religious practices, and of course for turning your innocent child into a fierce tiger or leopard.

There’s no doubt about it, face painting is fun. It’s even great for the adults. I’d quite happily be a Lion for the afternoon right now, and I’m in work!  Face Painting is a perfect way to keep the kids laughing and playing for several hours. Plus, all children’s entertainers worth the expense will have some quality face painting credentials under their belt. Why not even set a them for your kids party and have their faces painted accordingly?

A good entertainer will do all this and more
Children’s entertainers are great for parties because, well, they know how to entertain children. Above are just some of the things a good children’s entertainer will do to keep the party alive. But each will have their own fun ways of spreading laughter and cheer.

Stuart Withers is a freelance writer and uncle to two little terrors. He’s helped organise a few kids parties in his time and the children’s entertainers have always put on the best show. If you’re in the UK, then he recommends the great entertainers Squirty Wirty. Check out their website today to see how they’ll keep your party alive.