Why It Makes Sense To Keep Away From Pesticides During Pregnancy

Pregnancy in combination with pesticides throws up a series of questions and all this for a definite reason. The exposure of it is a cause of concern to adults, kids and mothers as well. You might have come across the situation to avoid pesticides during pregnancy and what is the exact cause of it. Fleas or gardens are some of the reasons why women go on to spray pesticides around their premises. They are known to contain chemicals which attack the nervous system of the insects and then cause them to die. The first trimester of pregnancy is that time when the nervous system of the baby is developing and at this point of time you would want to keep away from pesticides on all counts.

Studies indicate that the greatest danger of risk to pesticides is felt around the first 4 to 8 weeks of the first trimester as the neural tube development occurs. If you come across the fact that you are pregnant and live in an agricultural area it is suggested that you shift away from the area till your pregnancy is over. By doing so you keep away the risk of being exposed to chemicals.

The golden rule that needs to be followed by pregnant women is to keep away from pesticides at all situations. It is suggested that 3 out of 4 women are exposed to pesticides at some point in their life. It has also been observed that pregnant women who are exposed to pesticides do possess a greater risk of heart or limb defects. In case of kids who are exposed to indoor pesticides the chances of leukaemia increases.  The risk posed is all the more during the first 3 months of pregnancy  and when you find across professional pest control services at your home.

In pesticides you do come across toxins that tend to occur in a natural manner as plants. It may sound a lot health but you need to take note of the fact that the terms organic or natural cannot be safe or better. If it is a chemical and that too a natural one, has the potential to cause harm when it is not handled in a proper manner. Make it a point that you read the warning labels before you put them to use.  You can avoid pesticides during breastfeeding or pregnancy, but what happens if you feel exposed to them.

  • Do not press the panic button if you have been exposed to pesticide. Just be aware of the fact that any risk that comes is related to long term or intense exposure. Say for example if your dog has been treated for fleas and you find you are exposed to pesticide, the risk posed to the baby is on the smaller side.
  • The best course of action would be to avoid pesticides when you are at your home or in the surroundings. This is all the more so during the first trimester of pregnancy.