Why Not Being Monogamous Creates An Unhealthier You

There is a statistic that says 65% of Americans have had, or are encountering, an affair. The stress that an affair has on a relationship damages far beyond hurt feelings, a loss of connection, or even a divorce. There are other negative effects that cheating and affairs can have. Following are 4 of them.

Risk of STD

Every time you or your partner sleeps with someone else, you are risking contracting an STD. It does not sound like a reality that could happen to you, but think about this: You are not just sleeping with that person; you are sleeping with everyone they have ever slept with and everyone that those people have ever slept with as well. If you sleep with just two people, then the chances of contracting an STD are very high, because you are essentially sleeping with hundreds of people (maybe more).

You Are Risking Your Health

Statistics show repeatedly that love makes you healthy. When you are cheating on your partner, or being cheated on, you body experiences stress that is not there during monogamy. Stress can cause all sorts of problems in the body into psychological, emotional, and physical problems. Your heart and immune system are two areas that can suffer greatly from the stress.

You Are Becoming a Less Happy Version of You

When you have someone you love to greet you at the door every day and support you in your daily life, then you feel happy. However, when your partner is out most of the time having an affair, or you are out having an affair, then you and your partner are cutting the love-bond that creates happiness. Happiness does not stem from guilt, stress, conflict, and worry.

That love-bond is why people get into relationships in the first place. It gives you a soft place to fall when everything else in the world has turned to crap. When there is nowhere to fall, and no one to lift your chin up in the tough times, then life can be a lot less joyful.

You Have Less Time to Enjoy Life

Whether you are cheating, or being cheated on, you have less time to sit back and enjoy life to the fullest. You are too busy feeling negative emotions that cheating brings like worry, sress, jealousy, low self-confidence, and anger. You are literally wasting your life on negative emotions and experiences. In essence, you are wasting the precious moments that you have been given to live.

Perhaps if more people thought about the disadvantages of cheating, rather than the few moments of satisfaction, then the above statistic would be a lot lower. Unfortunately, people often do not find out how negative cheating really is until it is too late.

Bellaisa is passionate about happy and healthy relationships, and she writes for a blog for women on topics such as self improvement and signs of cheating.