Why You Should Consider Oak As Your Number One Furniture Choice

Why you should consider oak as your number one furniture choice

Oak is a traditional wood, and it is a popular favourite for living rooms and… well every room! And that’s not a coincidence. Oak furniture is diverse and timeless, it can contemporary or it can be rustic, and the long lasting durability as displayed in solid oak beams still standing from hundreds of years ago makes oak furniture a clever purchase. It is useful to try and think about what you want to achieve prior to designing your new interior, you want your wood furniture to be a stylish addition to your room then deciding on the colour of your walls and flooring will be essential before settling on a furniture choice.
It is common knowledge amongst us interior design enthusiasts that the best way to make a small room appear bigger is by designing a light and open interior. Oak is fantastic in that it is diverse, its light, grainy colour against pastel walls are perfect for creating the illusion of a much larger space (inject some natural light into the room and you are on to a winner!) On another note, a light oak tone also looks stylish against a dark walled interior, but more on that later!

Oak is a light wood, it can be designed in a traditional manor or cut with sharp edges and quirky corners to make it appear more contemporary and retro. Its light colour and stunning grainy tones look organic and fresh against a pastel green wall; and on the other hand oak creates a stunning contrast against a darker interior. Picture a midnight blue wall with a stunning light oak bookcase backed up against it, a stylish contrast.
‘Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten’
Oak is often misinterpreted as being one of the more expensive hardwoods to buy, and so ends up being overlooked in favour of cheaper alternatives. However when you consider the long term durability and timeless style of oak wood, it really does offer that extra security of knowing you will not tire of your oak furniture and you will not have to keep spending money replacing furniture in the future.
The great thing about oak furniture is its versatility, there is a stunning piece for every room in the house, and it’s easy to create cohesion throughout your home, from your hallway through your living room to bathroom there is a range of oak furniture which will cater to your needs. Dining on a traditional oak table will never go out of fashion, and neither will that oak coffee table you surround with your friends for a cup of tea and a chat. Oak will always be at the heart of British interiors, it helps to create a home in which you will be excited to welcome guests to, the likelihood is that you grew up surrounded by real wood furniture. The beautiful thing is you can continue to enjoy oak for years to come without having to compromise on style and elegance, for oak will always boast both of those things.
Alexi loves all things interior design, she works for home furniture range, who stock a charming selection of oak furniture.