Why Your Essay Needs Special Attention – Proofreading and Editing

Why Your Essay Needs Special Attention - Proofreading and Editing

Competition in any academic sector is very steep. Every year universities and colleges receive more than thousands of applications from all over the world, from various candidates. You will be surprised to know that most of these students are top achievers and have very academic trend. Mark sheets and grades are not the only deciding factors. Here comes the role of admission essays.

Proof reading and editing at a glance

A good essay does not mean that you will give all the information in the internet and make it lengthy. A good essay means well written sentences, clear communicational tone, proper use of grammar and punctuation.

Most of the times we often get caught in the making our essays informative and forget about the minute details. While you are structuring you essay for perfection, you should give special attention to proofreading and editing.

So, why do you need to do proofreading and editing before submission? Here are the reasons:

Misspelled words

Misspelled words attract attention instantly. Not only the reader will instantly notice it, but in most of the universities there is negative grading for misspelling in the essays. This shows that you have not given proper attention while you are writing your essays and you just focussed on writing your essay.

Punctuation is not in the right position

These are the tricky little characters like commas, colon, apostrophes, full stop etc. These special characters act like traffic signals. When a reader is reading your essay it indicates contractions, emphasizing and pausing, thereby making the essay fit for reading and proper understanding. If punctuation is wrongly placed, it disrupts the whole sentence and at times may even alter the meaning.

Sentences written wrongly

Sentence formation is the most common error an essay can have. Most of the time students mix their day to day language with essay writing. Thus, there is a problem in expression. The order of words in the sentences really matters the most. If an essay or article will not read smoothly, there are high chances of rejection.

Writers should even be aware where to put words in order draw attention. At the same time sentences must be kept short to better understanding. Also, special attention has to be given to the usage of active and passive voice.

At times, it may be energy draining and take up your time. To save time and concentrate more of your studies you can always opt for proof reading and editing services. You can check writemyessayz.com/write-my-paper.html . It is one of the reputed agencies for proofreading and editing services. Statistics claim that it is being used by most of the students in the US.

Special attention to grammar

Grammar includes using the correct tense, right usage of preposition pronouns, adjectives and adverbs. There should be a clear distinction between subject and predict with the right placement of conjunction.

Verb always need special mentioning. Moreover, you must refrain from excessive usage of adjectives. Grammar matters a lot in your presentation, as it can alter the whole idea of a sentence. It is a form of expression and must be dealt very cautiously before submitting.


Admission essays give opportunity to the students to stand out from the rest of the applicants. A good essay will definitely acquire a secure place in the university list, which you have dreamed of. Nevertheless, you essay need to be noticeable, well written, nicely structured and effective.